Friday, June 4, 2010


Today, I'm PAYING IT FORWARD. I know we've all been inundated with that phrase, and I like it. But me being me, I've decided to hanker a twist tie around it.

Paying It Forward = PAYING IT BACKWARD.

I had to write this post yesterday because today I'm riding two hours away on a creaky, sweaty, loud yellow rolling-tube to see a movie--freaking Shriek--and rollerblade. 

...stop laughing...*kbuvsq*

I'm on a field trip with my eleven-year-old daughter. The angst. *sheesh* Like we couldn't have seen the movie in town and rollerbladed around the parking lot?? just kidding. I'm excited to go with her. It should be fun. Anyway...this post.

I got the idea while I was cruising through some of your blogs. There were so many great posts that I decided to gather them in my hobo bag of links and share them all with you. A little description, a tag, and a link. Check'em out. Happy weekend everyone!!

Tahereh from Grab a Pen: she talks about worries, troubles, and 95%. TAG: touching

Susan Kaye Quinn of Ink Spells--Excerpt: Almost everything has been tried and found to succeed for somebody. The methods, even the ideas of successful writers contradict each other in a most heartening way, and the only element I find common to all successful writers is persistence-an overwhelming determination to succeed.
Sophy Burnham  TAG: uplifting

Marissa and Martina of Adventures In Children's Publishing: Great post on rejection. (yes, rejection and great can be used in the same sentence.) TAG: sticky...lots of tape

And a blogger I just started following, Justine Dell or Justine Dell. Justine highlights Nathan Brandsford's query template. (yeah, i know. there's a template. shiver-me-timbers.) TAG: exciting

Laura over on Ink: In All Forms is having a major book giveaway!

side note: My fellow Oasis for YA team member, Jessie Harrell, has a great post today on her BLOG. It will bring you back to your high school days. (if you're in high school now, you'll relate.) 

And you have to give Karsten Knight a knock on his BLOG today. He's looking to up his followers to 100. His prize to us: he'll dance to whatever song we choose. *wiggling my eyebrows and oh so snickering* 

and...pass the word on about my contest!! got some cool entries already!!


  1. Thanks for posting the links. Have fun today. I know I'd be bruised and on my butt if I tried the roller blading.

  2. S.A., thanks for the mention! Many awesome links here :) Good luck on the field trip today!

  3. Great links, love these bloggers. Thanks Sheri.

  4. Have fun on your field trip with your daughter. I call that making memories. Have a great weekend, Buffy

  5. Will have to check out the links I've not heard of:) Happy Friday.

  6. Thanks for the links, Sheri. If you love 'em, I know I will too!

  7. Thanks for the links. There are a number I didn't know about. Gotta love it when that happens. :D

  8. I just got finished visiting the blogs - they're all awesome - thanks!

  9. thanks so much for the linkage, love! this is an excellent lineup!

    i hope you have a fun day with your daughter! hehe


  10. OMG -- a field trip. I am SO sorry.

    I know a lot of parents enjoy them, but honestly, I don't know why. I DREAD them. Of course, as a teacher, I might have a slightly different perspective.

    I tell everyone that I got pregnant with my second daughter to get out of a field trip to Harrisburg. It's only a *slight* exaggeration. I distinctly remember telling my husband in the fall of that year that if he didn't *get the job done*, I wasn't going to be big enough in the spring to get myself excused from the trip ...

  11. Yay! Awesome thanks for the links. =)

  12. I went to field day with my kids, and from experience I knew to take freezy pops in a cooler I left in my trunk. Can we say hot? Just think, school's almost out. Yay!


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