Friday, February 11, 2011

"That's YAmore" Blogfest (It's a LOVE thang.)

LOVE, an appropriate topic for this weekend and upcoming week. With Valentine's Day being on a Monday (couldn't we have changed that???), lots of folks will probably celebrate the holiday this weekend. Maybe with a fancy dinner night-out. Or maybe a movie and a more intimate snuggle.

Either way, there must be CHOCOLATE! (just sayin')

So my amazing Oasis ladies over on my team blog, Oasis for YA, along with moi decided to host a blogfest about ooey, gooey, and steamy love. If you're participating. AWESOME!! If not, that's okay. Just read below for your pleasure, and PLEASE remember to visit some of the other bloggers' posts. I've added their links to the bottom.

My post will continue with an additional 250 words on Monday as I'm participating in Stina & Christine's Just KISS Already Blogfest.

HEARTS to you all....

Setting the scene: this scene takes place just prior to the major antagonist blowing up and shifting the story in a different and heartbreaking direction for these two characters--main lead female and male, Ana & Viktor.

A twinge of energy pulsed from my heart and made it beat with his. It didn’t matter that it was Viktor or that I’d been abrasive with him. His secrets didn’t matter either, not in this moment. 

Relaxing to the point of liquid in his arms, a dainty sigh floated across my lips. His arms weakened against me. His head now rested atop mine. I’d never felt so safe.

I reached back and slid my fingers over his eyebrows, his eyes, his nose, and then his chin. Goose bumps flooded my flesh, but he shivered. “I want to see you.”


“Why not?”

“It’s not a good idea.”

“Please…Viktor.” He hesitated and then loosened his embrace.

For me, the outside was a distant thought, second fiddle to the beauty of his energy. That void, the belly of my soul filled. It had been denied too long.

He dragged his fingertips along my lips, wiping the salve clean. Sniffing his finger, he grinned.

The upper bodice of my dress bumped his chest as I leaned into him. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing’s funny.” His blue eyes deepened to a brilliant sapphire. 

“Then what?” 

“More like cute, you’re cute.”

“Puppies are cute.” I pulled away, but his laugh drew me near again.

From the widening breach between his lips, I breathed in the aroma of mint and mocha. I’d floated in that scent many times but never had allowed its enjoyment. As it coated my membranes, my hunger since the accident got a name—him. 

To Be CONTINUED on Monday...

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