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PRECIPICE by M. Pax~Meet Craze & Rainly, plus a giveaway!

Here on Writer's Alley, Wednesdays are mostly reserved for exploring, celebrating, and challenging all that we've come to know as young adult literature. But just as in other areas of life, pushing beyond our comfort zone can bring us new unexpected life and growth.

you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward
and uncomfortable when you try something new.
                                                                             ~Brian Tracey

In the literary world, that applies to both writer and reader. So for today let's step out of our Alleyway comfort zone and welcome a couple of out-of-this-world peeps written into an adult world.


Genre: Sci Fi
Series: The Backworlds #6
Released: May 2015
Pages: 255 

Description: In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendants to survive in a harsh universe. This is the sixth book in the science fiction series, The Backworlds. A space opera adventure. 

The Backworlds hang by a Quantum string, a thread about to snap. Annihilation is coming if Craze can’t stop it.

The genocidal alien he had trapped breaks free, destroying a ship belonging to the Backworlds’ oldest enemy, the Fo’wo’s. The murderous alien wants to overtake the galaxy. The Fo’wo’s want another war.

The Backworlds’ best chance to survive is to overcome a century of hate and forge an alliance with the Fo’wo’s. Because of his history with the alien, Craze is recruited to represent his people. Now he’s the most hated man in the galaxy.

The looming war will be a holocaust unless Craze can stop it, knowing salvation comes at a price. 

Hi Craze & Rainly! It's been a bit of a wait to feature you, but you're finally here. Woot! Welcome to the Alleyway. Want to share a tidbit about yourselves before we begin?
Craze: Sure. Usually I run a bar on the edge of human expansion in the galaxy. This time, I've been recruited as an envoy to broker an alliance with our most hated enemy.

Rainly: He serves a good drink. I wish I was with him right now. Before I ran off, I repaired ships. Now I'm among the enemy, growing a brain in a box, finding out I am the enemy.

Ooh, ... an alliance with an enemy and growing a brain in a what? Geez, let's get this interview started. Your most desired job in the universe would be..?
Craze: Easy. I'd be the biggest business magnet in all the Backworlds. Rainly: I'm happy wherever the man I love is. Craze is my closest, bestest friend, but not my man.
Craze: Yeah, let's get that straight.

Ow-kay... So if you could be any other fictional character, who would it be and why?
Craze: That billionaire guy with all the control. Control and money. What's not to love? Rainly: Sleeping Beauty has an appeal to me.

Haha! Tell-tale opposites - makes for some serious tension, I'm sure. #cheekygrin

Rainly: Not really.

No? So what do you really think of each other?
Rainly: I don't see why the rest of the galaxy hates Craze. He has the biggest, gooiest heart. He'd do anything for those he loves. I suppose that's why he's working on the alliance with the enemy. None of us will survive without it.

Craze: She talks a lot, but Rainly is too sweet not to love. If she is the enemy, well, that's hard for me to believe.
Yeah, I'm seeing some conflict and tension, but if you two say no we'll move on. What do you both see as your (other) biggest challenge in life?
Craze: Well, since my father threw me out of the house, the village, and my home planet, I've been scrambling to establish a good life. It's hard to build something with nothing. Also that gooey center Rainly mentioned gets in my way. Rainly: I'm part cybernetic with programming and protocols. I fear losing my free will and control of my actions. If I lose those, am I still me or someone else?

Aw, Rainly, you sound conflicted.

Craze: What about me?

I'm sure she's conflicted about you, too. #snort

Rainly: *chuckles*

Craze: Hey....

Just kidding. *bumps Craze in the shoulder* Fun fact: What's you favorite snack?
Craze: Roasted ricklits. I like when the wings and legs get all crunchy. Rainly: Rootbagger stew is more up my alley.

Uh...on that disgusting visual that will haunt me all day long... No really, it's been a blast having you splatter your signatures on the Graffiti Wall. Thank you so much for joining us and a HUGE thanks goes out to your creator, M. Pax!

Mary has been gracious enough to offer up one (1) eCopy of one of her books - winner chooses between any in her Backworlds series (The Backworlds, Stop Over At The Backworlds' Edge, Boomtown Craze, Beyond The Edge, Worlds On Edge, Precipice), Rifters series (The Rifters, The Initiate), The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear, or Semper Audacia!

To ENTER: tell us what your favorite space-age snack would be. Mary will choose a winner, which I'll announce next week! Contest ends 09/29/15.
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  1. Pass on the crunchy legs. Although better than a gooey center.

    1. The crunchy bits are the best parts.

    2. I suppose crunchy is better than gooey. But I guess it would depend on how many legs are involved.

  2. Congrats to Mary. I'm always impressed with how many books she has out.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I think I'm slow as a tortoise.

  3. I read The Backworlds, and it was definitely out of my normal wheelhouse, but still a very interesting read. Mary's worlds and characters are beyond creative and live a fascinating dynamic.

    1. Got to love any character that lives a fascinating dynamic. Hmm... Maybe that would add some positive excitement to my life.

  4. Thanks for having me over for a visit today, Sheri. :)

    1. It's awesome to have you in the Alleyway. I loved getting to know Craze and Rainly!

  5. Congrats to Mary on her new book. It sounds like an interesting read. Not sure about those snacks, though.

    1. I know, right. As I was preparing the interview, my mind kept regressing back to thoughts of gross snack foods. So I decided to ask everyone else what they'd like. I kept picturing something from 'It's A Bug's Life' or 'Animal Kingdom'. You know, "...the cream-filled kind..."

    2. Ricklits come in two sizes. Regular and giant. So you can get a bug steak instead of eating the whole bug :)

  6. Mary's 6th book in the series? Holy cow, the woman can write! I enjoyed reading the interview. Very cool. I've always thought that Sci-Fi covers are the most amazing and intricate of all genre covers. They rock, and this one is no exception!

    1. My cover artist is awesome.

    2. Great point about Sci-Fi covers. They're always quite creative. Mary is so productive. (I'm fangirling her writing verve, as we speak.)

  7. Space Opera is so fun! So much at stake, and everything is BIG. But if this is #6, sounds like I have a lot of catching up to do!

    1. BiGGER! lol Big is fun and one of the things I enjoy about the genre.

    2. Haha! I thought the same thing. I remember the first time I heard about space operas. I had no idea what that meant. I grew up with my grandmother watching her 'soaps'. lol

  8. What a fun interview! I think there's some tension there too. Three cheers for Mary! :)

  9. It's like on Dirty Dancing. You don't want spaghetti arms in fiction. You need to keep the tension. :)

  10. Hi Mary and Sheri - I love the Brian Tracey quote ... an essential one to remember. Creating the BackWorlds stories must be such fun - though thoughts must come tumbling out all the time. A snack ... frozen grapes ... remembrances of earth-days, but a delicious memory of other experiences back in the good old days of normality. Cheers Hilary

  11. I can vouch for how awesome Mary's series is, having read three of them. Craze is a fun character, and the action never stops.

  12. Congrats to Mary! Lovely post :)

  13. Mary's new book sounds great! I like your quote about getting out of the comfort zone. Very true!

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