Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog Huntress

It's official. I'm on the prowl.

Who's blogs will I choose to invest myself in today? Because in all actually that's what I'm doing. With one click of my finger I visit you, I leave you a comment, I introduce myself. Pretty neat system. You now know something about me, and I now know something about you. You expose me to ideas that maybe like mine or maybe brand new and to interesting peeps that otherwise I may never have met or had the pleasure of interacting with. The knowledge, and sometimes humor, is endless. It's really an education in real life studies, not to mention a kick in the pants at a real writing career.

I've met some incredible people thus far, and I'm ready to meet more. So where will my fingers surf today? Already found a few new blogs with interesting views. Do you have a view? A blog? Tell me about it and maybe I'll just pop over and check it out.

Bow. Clap, clap. Hiss, hiss.


  1. Hi. Lovely to meet you. Want a hothead?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to meet a blogger interested in MG and YA.

  3. Candyland, as long as you dip it in chocolate.

    G.P. Ching, thanks. Us MG/YA writer/bloggers have to stick together. :)


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