Monday, March 22, 2010

New Community For Writers - Inkwell | Literary Rambles

New Community For Writers - Inkwell | Literary Rambles
Augh!! The fabulous Casey McCormick has featured our new writers community on her blog. How cool is that???? Fantabulous, I say. Check it out. We'd love to have you. Friend us there, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

From Inkwell:
All new writers and artists (including illustrators, web comic creators and graphic artists) have to start somewhere, and we hope you'll begin your journey here. We want to give you the resources and support you need to be successful. This is also a community for established writers and artists, a place for them to promote their work and help others. We hope that they, too, will continue to learn and grow their skills.

Inkwell belongs to you and every other member. Its success depends on each of us participating, spreading the word and growing the site through engaging groups and interactive features. We hope that you find not only the resources you need but a caring community of writers and artists who are dedicated and passionate about their craft.


  1. this sounds like such a great idea. thanks so much for putting it together!!

  2. Tahereh,
    Thank you so much! We're pretty excited. You may want to check out YALitChat as well. That's what got me started and Georgia is awesome! Someone there asked me if I'd like to branch out. Where I'm from there aren't many writers handy. I figured it was a great way for me to get myself out there and bring other writers along with me!
    Thanks for stopping by and bring friends with you. I want to make my blog helpful to all!


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