Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just typed out a query. Sure did. Took a different approach today, I did.

Sam I am.
Green eggs and ham.

Sorry, I'm back. C what it does to me.

I said to myself, "Self, what are the most important conflicts within the story."

"You know, dumby."

As you can see, Self was not that helpful. So I flipped through my tattered folders of gosh-only-knows how many query examples I've printed off and scanned.

While ignoring Self, I took index cards and in big letters wrote down four main conflicts.

"The major ones, Self," I heard some phantom voice flutter past my hair.

And I did it. Took me all day, between kids and life, but I did it. Now I just hope it's ready for when I have to submit it to my awesome group of comrades at YALitChat query group a few weeks from now. :D

"Do go gentle into that good night."


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  1. I got mine in shape there too:)
    If you ever need a backup crit partner, I'm your girl.


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