Monday, May 17, 2010


For my Monday Sanctuary post over on OASIS for YA, I explore how NATURE plays a roll in my writing. The music of nature has many facets: soft, loud, frisky, shy. I could go on and on, elaborating until I bored you to death. I'll spare you.

While I was writing it, I kept thinking 'What makes me seek nature's help?'


Surely that's no great revelation to you. We have work, whether it's a paying job outside of writing or the title of stay-at-home-mom/dad, a home, family, friends, duties to community, etc... At times, I find it hard to separate myself and my writing from all those stresses. (Yikes...I feel like a horrible mom, dreading the kid's summer vacation. But I know how grueling it is for me to concentrate on anything while the four of them and their neverending stream of friends are around.) 

So what do I do? IMAGE, or turn on that recording I have of a thunderstorm on my laptop. I visualize nature's purest images.

So today, IMAGE a place, picture, or feeling that frees you of your 'LIFE CONCERNS'. What will you image?

Does nature play a roll in your writing?? What do you do to relax while writing? Or is there simply no hope in relaxing???

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  1. Okay, you're dreading summer vacation. But this teacher is counting the days ... The school day is seriously eating into my writing time!

    Yes, I would say that nature is inspiring. My spring flower gardens are beautiful, without me doing much to assist them. (I like that part!) I enjoy taking my laptop outside and writing under the deck (where it's not too sunny to see the screen.) I've got a goldfish and a waterfall ... and the sound of water is very relaxing.

    And if I need to think and reflect before drafting, I'll even condescend to do a little weeding. :)

  2. I'm with Dianne! I can't wait for summer to simplify my work requirements. The distraction of having kids in the house is hard to contend with. I don't have any children, so I am looking forward to a wonderfully quiet house all summer long after my husband goes to work!

    As for getting into the frame of mind necessary to tune out life, I have to stay in touch as often as possible with writing and reading. It's definitely the case for me that the more immersed I stay, the easier it is to get back into being productive on a daily basis. Finally, it's about mind-set. If I think of writing with the mentality that it's work or that I'm dreading it, I'm doomed. I have to remind myself it's a blessing to be able to pursue this business and keep a positive outlook.


  3. I'm looking forward to summer just not to have all the school volunteer obligations. There's not much relaxing in my life. Too much to do. I usually just plod along being disciplined.

  4. Dianne, I just discovered a way to 'see' outside. A table umbrella. I hate that the laptop screen is so hard to see. I just want to be outside.

    Marissa, I love your mind-set. Reminding myself that it's a blessing to be able to pursue this career is a great statement. Thanks.

  5. Um, I actually think there's no hope in relaxing. But I'm Type A. Even during a massage or "quiet" time I'm usually worked up.

  6. Love the photos. :D

    Since my novels take place in a fictious town in northern Minnesota, complete with a lake and forests, nature does have a habbit of slipping into my story.

  7. I think nature has to play a role in writing. You have to describe the scene (plus a good rainy day during a sad scene can really set the mood).

    Plus relaxing while writing, just doesn't happen for me. =)

  8. All I really need is a comfy couch, a laptop- maybe a cup of coffee and silence. When the girls are a way I've got two out of three...

  9. hmmm i've never really done this before -- though it seems like a fantastic idea. i guess if i had to picture something, maybe a cup of tea?


    awesome post!

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