Thursday, June 17, 2010


i discovered the most amazing thing the other day: writing my blog posts on the weekend lessens my stress level during the week. psych!!

i know that sounds way stupid of me and probably anal as well, but man did it help. it not only helped me compose more articulate and clearer posts, it also freed me up first thing in the morning to either...well, maybe catch an extra hour of shut-eye or perhaps chat with the kids before they left for school. (summer obviously negates this last one.) 

heck, i've even leaped out of bed and started jamming on the keyboard with fresh ideas for a scene. 

now, i cannot take full credit for this alone. *shaking scraggly head of bedhead* nope. the goddess of E mentioned it on her blog a ways back...probably doesn't even know she did. but it hit me like a ton of bricks. duh.

honestly folks, i've struggled at blogging, trying to show you mei've always had a hard time being myself. only those closest to me know the real me. i couldn't get more laidback, fresh mouthed, and honest. 


i have my reasons, growing up in a small town and still living here being one.
don't get me wrong. hubby and i chose to stay here because it's a great place for kids to grow up. but every place has an upside and unfortunately a downside. the small size is great for safety, community functions, and helping out. but it also means everybody knows everything about everybody and even their uncles left elbow. *ugh...gross, flaky skin and all.*

there are standards to growing up here. friday night lights--great example. that's my town. or did any of you watch on HBO a few years back Empire Falls? yeah, my hometown. the place was crawling with effing hollywood studio peeps that entire summer. 

point being, it wasn't always easy being myself. a lot of judging a book by its cover here. maybe we should remember that when we browse a bookstore. 

next time you're in a bookstore, pick up the least attractive cover and see what happens. try it. maybe i will too. and what about you? how do you handle your blog posts?


  1. I don't handle them. LOL. I'm mostly struggling to fit in everything I want to say, and trying to be patient, "wait till tomorrow to talk about that". I don't want to put too much in one post in fear of scaring people off with LONG texts.

    Sometimes I schedule, sometimes I write them on the day. It all depends on my time as it's always fluctuating wtih my job.

  2. That's a cool idea, writing them all on the weekend. I'm more of a random, spur of the moment blogger, so I try to blog every day, about whatever happens to be on my mind. :) Luckily, I'm starting to get the hang of it. :)
    I didn't grow up in a small town, but I grew up in a small-town mentality. I mean, there were circles, and each circle knew everything about everyone in the circle. Especially at school. But the community ended up being fantastic - like in high school, which a lot of people look back on with horror. I loved my school, because my everyone in my class knew and liked each other. I mean, not EVERYONE, but mostly. So... yeah, goods and bads. :)

  3. I've heard that writing them on the weekend is a good idea and probably will do that too if I start blogging. I just wonder if I can handle it with work. On good days, I say yes. On tired days, I already feel overwhelmed. Hopefully this summer I'll take the plunge.

    I think you're doing great with your blog. Don't feel pressured to write a daily one. Many people only blog a few days a week. I think it's great how consistent you've been. I notice a lot of bloggers who aren't and I think they may lose followers if they don't announce that they're taking a break.

  4. The blogging can be very time-consuming. It really helps to have another person managing the blog with you, but it's hard to find someone who is crazy enough to join you. Martina is the best blogging buddy EVER and she makes the task truly enjoyable. She works harder than anyone I know and has fantastic ideas. We co-juggle the tasks related to the blog and have a very harmonious rhythm. I am glad you've found a trick that works for you!

    Marissa :)

  5. Like you, I try to write my blog posts on the weekend, with the except of Cool Links Friday. That I'm frantically writing Thursday night. (and today's unplannned post I wrote yesterday)

    I'm bad for picking up a book based on the cover, but the blurb and first pages are the deciding factors as to whether I buy the book.

    Gorgeous pic, btw. I've always lived in the city (other than when I lived in England). But we have to for my husband's job.

  6. God I wish I was that organized. I pretty much only plan ahead the Friday guest posts.

  7. I'm trying to create and save my posts during the evenings but several days in advance. I did several last night which should have me up-to-date on posts for the next week. hopefully that'll free up my nights for my writing on my WIP. maybe???

  8. I try and work a few days in advance too and yeah, doing it on the weekends is the best but it doesn't always work out for me time-wise!:)

  9. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, but blogging every day reminds me to get on the blogs and read great posts like these, so it's a struggle for me.

  10. yeah, sigh. I've had my blog for two years and finally have a semblance of a system down. It helps to write ahead (and on the weekend)and also to write short punchy posts (that way I don't become overwhelmed with info and neither do the readers, ya know?)
    You are doing a nice job though!!

  11. Blogging is a constant struggle against the forces of time-for-other-things. Like writing! Like family!

    But I keep at it, because I love it. I meet the most amazing people, two of which I met in RL just this week. And I can't wait to meet more at the SCBWI conference.

    But I'm cutting back over the summer - it's just too crazy otherwise. :)


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