Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Carnival Time

The ladies and I over on Oasis for YA have decided to do a blog carnival about the five senses. You are invited to join in.
Here are the rules of this particular carnival: You've just graduated from high school and your awesome parents have taken you and your boy/girl-friend on the trip of a lifetime to the Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa. (Um...yeah, I wish.)  The picture above is the view from your hotel window.  You have ONE paragraph to describe the setting, and you can use only ONE of your senses. I have touch. Ready. Set. Go!

Soft and subtle, a warm breeze fanned through my hair. My fingernails dug a little deeper into the wooden molding of the doorway. Marcus was now halfway down my neck, his supple kisses moistening my skin. The lace strap of my cami tumbled off my bare shoulder, Marcus coiling it on his finger, tightening it against my chest. Beads of sweat pooled my pores. At first I thought it was the mist off the water...but it wasn't. His muscular chest pressed into my back, his inner growl funneling through me. I arched my back and cupped his baby-face chin in my palm. The lace of the sheer curtains framing the open doorway billowed around us, shielding us from any other touch.

Please take a peek at what the other Oasis ladies have written: Jessie, Nikki, JA, & AE.

I ask you to go on the honor system and visit my good girl homie, Lola, on Sharp Pen/Dull Sword and enter her Stephen King giveaway!! Don't you want good'ole Stephie and his clownhead from IT living with you?

Make sure to check out my bestie Book Butterfly Kim's signed book giveaway!! Enjoy your week next week. I'll be unplugged most of the time, but I'll still post on M-W-F. Thanks, Alleywalkers.


  1. That was an awesome paragraph! Enjoy your weekend and unplugged time (I know the end-of-summer-crazies are upon us)!

  2. That's a steamy five senses piece!

    I did a similar assignment for my middle school creating writing class, but didn't get anything back like that.

  3. That photo looks freaking awesome.

  4. *fanning self* Yikes, Sheri - you just spiced up my lunch break at work! HOT!

  5. Wow, that was an amazing photo. And I loved your piece. Very steamy. :D

  6. Your short piece was lovely and sensual.

    Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.


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