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A Character Interview

Most of you know me as Ana, one of Sheri's master creations. *adjusting the suede satchel at my hip that Sheri insists I wear.

Don't get me wrong. Being a fictitious character isn't all about the ball-n-chain of my creator making me submit to scenes I'd rather not go through or dialog I'd rather not say. Trust me ~ I've had my fun with my so-called 'In -charge' master. *I'm laughing way to easily, right now. My bad, Sheri. It also has it's perks, like meeting other fictitious characters and comparing notes.

As in Sammy, my friend from Ciara Knight's newly published novella Loves Long Shadows. Sammy's pretty cool, for a fallen angel suffering from amnesia. 

So Sammy, what gives with the whole amnesia thing? 

I so wish I could remember Heaven and why I fell, but it isn’t meant to be. Every time I try to remember something I’m overwhelmed by human emotion. I hope to remember what my angelic gifts are so that I can help my brother fight demons, or figure out my purpose here on Earth.

Wow! That's pretty rough. And I thought I had it bad, being abandoned by my mom when I was six--well, not really abandoned, although that's the way I've chosen to see it. My amnesia is selective. I'd rather see things my way...but that was before I met Viktor. 

You live a pretty normal life with your Earthbound mother, Grace, right? Did you just 'wake up' and realize you were more than human, or did you always know?

I fell from Heaven only a few months ago. *shivers* The only memory I have of the fall is flashes of lights and feeling like I’m being suffocated by my own skin. Then, I’m waking in a cold grass field near Alex, my brother, in Montanta. It was rough until Grace found us. She’s great, been a caregiver to fallen angels for decades I believe.

Lucky Grace found you. She sounds amazing! I live with my dad, whose idea of care-giving is a sooty fireman's hug, and a hotdog and a beer while watching a baseball game. He does love me, though. Just misses my mom, which is totally lame in my opinion. I mean, she's been gone for ten years. And they say girls are dramatic. 

What do you long for the most?

To return to Heaven. Even though I don’t have my memory, flutters of emotion stir each time I try to think of my life before I fell.

Sounds like something more than no memory of Heaven and a reason for your Fall is keeping you from Heaven? Maybe a threat?

*Nods head. Forras, a local head demon. He’s powerful and full of evil. I’m still not that great at spotting demons but I can smell his sulfuric odor from down the beach.

It feels like there's more - a secret?

*Sighs, but answers anyway. I have feelings for someone who hangs out with demons. Alex warned me to stay away, that demons could easily manipulate me because of my new human emotions.

Oh. I guess Sheri and Ciara were right. We do have something in common: you have feelings for a dude, who hangs out with demons, which messes with your human emotions. So not in your best interests. And I have feelings for a guy who manipulates my empathic ability, making me feel, which is not the healthiest thing for me either. 

Let's lighten this up a bit. Signature Graffiti Wall question: Smoking hot demon trying to do good, yet you know he's bad; Do-gooder, always-follows-the-rules angel and wears a sweet expression. Or the scraggly haired human boy with amazing blue eyes, who has the average teenage problems. You remember Heaven and can take one of them with you. Which do you choose?

Wow, that’s a tough question. *Deep breath* I might be in love with a demon, but I know there is good in him. I guess I’d have to say a Smoking hot demon trying to do good. Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t tell Alex. He’s already on a rampage; he’d kill Boon if he knew. 

Your secret is safe with me.

Thanks so much for having me here today. Ciara and Sheri were right. We should Skype or FB. I just learned about them a week ago. Maybe you could help me figure out what SMH and JK mean. J

Haha...sounds great!! Maybe a blogfest, too!

Seriously folks, check out Sammy's story on Turquoise Morning Press | Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | Bookstrand | All Romance Ebooks/OmniLit, and her creator, Ciara on FacebookTwitter, & Goodreads.


  1. Thanks so much for having me here today. I told Ciara I'd stop by before school. Looking forward to learning more about Skype and FB, Ana.

  2. Congrats on your book, Ciara! Best of luck to you and Sammy!

    Ana, great to see you here, doing interviews! Awesome of Sheri to let you off the leash (just kidding -- as a writer, I know who really has who on a leash!)

    I was recently "friended" by my WIP main character Mick Brewster on Facebook. It was a bit of a shock! Turns out my teenage daughter has WAY too much time on her hands!

  3. What a neat idea to have your characters chatting together. Both stories sound fab. West wishes ladies!

  4. Fun interview! Character chats are always bring out something.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi, Catherine and Lindi! It's good to see you both here. Looks like Sammy forgot to sign her name above. She's still learning about technology. I'll let her know when she gets home from school today.
    Catherine - I'm glad you like both stories.
    Lindi - Aren't they?

  6. That is awesome, Dianne! Too funny. She's really clever. :)

  7. Hi Sammy! So glad you stopped by before school. We have a day off, today. *silently does a snake roll and looks really stupid.

  8. Great interview! I hope things work out for Sammy,

  9. Dianne - Thank you so much. LOL, that sounds like something a teenager would do.

  10. Great character interview, ladies!
    And this Alex might have somethiing to say about the demon boyfriend as well...

  11. Good luck with the book, Ciara. I wish you much success.

    Tossing It Out

  12. This is what really caught my attention "Even though I don’t have my memory, flutters of emotion stir each time I try to think of my life before I fell." --- so tragic and beautiful!

  13. Ciara-Congrats on your new release. Your character sounds interesting.

  14. Alex - I can tell you are the big brother type. That's awesome.

    Arlee - Thanks so much!

    Margo - Wow, thanks for your comment. I get so excited when someone enjoys my writing.

    Rebecca - I'm glad you find the characters interesting. :)

  15. LOVED this!!! You don't have to enter me in any contest, I have read the story, love it. Love it. Love it. Great post. :)

  16. Lynn - Thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts on Love's Long Shadow. It means a lot to me.

  17. Hi! It's Sammy. I'm home from school. Oh my, I got scared there for a minute. I thought maybe Alex was really my brother and he just found out about Boon. *deep breath*

    Thanks to everyone who has been interested enough in my story to give it a try. It is kind of scary to know what is really out there. Once I figure out how to spot demons better I'll let you know. As a matter of fact, I'll be at Tossing in on the 19th talking about how to spot a demon on Halloween. You might find it helpful.

    Thanks Sheri for having me.

    Ana, I'll Skype you later.

  18. This was super fun, Character interviews really add a lot! Great job girls :)

  19. Yay! I just downloaded Love's Long Shadow, and if I weren't at work I'd start reading right now. Dang -- back to work.

  20. I'm thrilled so many of you enjoyed Sammy & Ana's chat! Thank you for visiting the Alleyway! I'll definitely do this again. :)

  21. Hey Sammy,

    Thanks for stopping by again. I'm really glad we met and everyone is totally into your story. Best of luck. Maybe we'll meet up again know, that Skype thing. :)

  22. Avery - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping in.

    Helena - Thanks so much! I can't wait to hear what you think. :)

  23. Characters are often your closest friends by the time you've finished a book, so this is a natural consequence . . . a very nice one indeed.

  24. Ha, this was great! Really enjoyed it.

    As the winner of Ebyss' blog contest, I wanted to stop in and say thanks and excited to hear from you. Super fun post!

    Thanks again,

  25. Can't wait to read this book!


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