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Wistful YA Wednesday~SPOKEN & Giveaway!

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I'm a music genius. Work for a publisher, hate snow, love Koala Bears and totally want one for keeps, but I'm pretty certain there's laws against this. Huge movie Buff, can cook like a pro. Have two awesome kids and a dog, love playing and watching sports. I read all the time and write everyday. Laughter is the best medicine in the world so i tend to find the humor in everything.

Firstly, it's an absolute pleasure to have Jen in the Alleyway, today. She's not only a hard working wife, mother, and writer; but she's also on of my precious CPs! She is the best to brainstorm with. Oh, and she's also a vital assistant at Month9Books

So Jen, how did this story get its beginnings?
Honestly, I was working on rewrites to another story when this one just came to me. A girl possessed with Magic who was living in a world that would condemn her the moment they discovered her power. Yet have one who lost her powers long ago planning the perfect opportunity to steal the powers from the girl. A week went by and this story didn't leave so I decided to write a little. A little turned into 15K before I knew it and the characters were still there. So that meant setting aside the rewrite and finishing this one. So that's what I did.

Let's show the readers your gorgeous cover and share SPOKEN'S description.

SPOKEN by J. Million

Genre: YA Fantasy/Fairytale
Released: February 2013
Pages: 311

Description: Princess Calla Everfield has many secrets: a secret crush on the servant Greyson, having no desire to marry Prince Devon, but her biggest secret is the magic she does in the west tower with her governess, Lady Destiny. Magic is forbidden in the land of Hillshire, and princess or not if Calla is caught tangled up with such evil, her punishment will be death. When Greyson threatens her life, she thinks he's discovered her secrets.

Greyson has always followed orders. Even the ones he's questioned like his father sending him to the mortals world to befriend a princess. And then being told if such a time comes when Lady Destiny tries to strip the princess of her powers, he must kill the princess. When the plan to kill Calla fails he decides to whisk her away to his magical kingdom, Spalden. And now, he finds himself going against his father's wishes again when he falls for Calla, instead of Isadora the intended bride he's to marry.

While Calla learns how to hone her power, Lady Destiny begins to steal dark energy and eventually lures the princess back to Hillshire. In order for Calla to save herself and everyone she cares about from Lady Destiny's wrath, she must make a choice. If she gives up her magic she'll never see Greyson again since her father has a bounty out on him. However keeping the magic means she'll have to kill her mentor, and leave her family behind forever, since magic isn't accepted in her world.

Introduce us to one of your more 'behind-the-scene characters.

Shaina is an Ogre and at first she threatens to beat Calla to a pulp for slandering the crown. Because Calla thought Greyson was a servant, she had no idea he was a prince. But once this mess is all cleared up, they become really good friends. The kind you'd die for.

I remember Shaina! She adds lots of unexpected flair to the story.

Care to share with us a favorite passage from the book?

I gasp as the door’s wood melts into a solid gold block. Magic. It swings open slowly and blinding light is the only thing visible. I glance over at Greyson and mouth, “What are you?” But he doesn’t answer, instead he shoves me through.
What sort of music did you listen to while writing SPOKEN?
My playlist can be found on my blog. But here's a preview:

1. Kiss with a Fist- Florence and the Machine (first scene with her and Greyson)

2. Safer to hate her- You And Me At Six (Greyson and her)

3. Stubborn Love - the Lumineers (Scene in the woods, she saves Greyson)

4. If You Run - The boxer Rebellion (Last Chapter)

Got to love the Lumineers. What are you working on next?

The Last of the Giants: it's a retelling of Jack and the beanstalk, but Jack's a girl.

Ooh, Jack's a girl. LUV that idea. Give us a peek?

I study the raindrops that trickle and spider off into another direction against the window when a dark carriage replaces the grayish green backdrop past the liquid dotting the glass. My tired, sore body pulls away from my desk and moves gingerly toward the front door.

Inhaling deeply, my callused fingers grip the metal handle, turning to open my home to the visitor. Blanched knuckles drop, while a black hat tips and water pours off the brim, landing on my rug. “Evening, Jackie. May I come in?”

I shift slightly and let the knight enter. “I haven’t been home for more than an hour.” I eye him, as his full lower lip turns downward. “Try not to get everything all wet and slopped with mud.”

He shrugs off his coat and hat while I shut the door. Cocking his head toward the fireplace he laughs, “No fire?”

“What’s the point, Lance? As soon as I return home, the king sends one of his finest to order me right back into battle.” It comes off a little bitter, but it’s the truth. I’ve been home long enough to wash the blood off myself and clothes, put on clean linens and he comes knocking at the door. Can’t a girl get one day of rest?

Lance looks back and smiles. “Guess you shouldn’t have planted those beans.”

My grueling mistake is a joke to everyone in Beantown, everyone but me. Damn that peddler and his beans. They wrote a tale about it, but they got a few things wrong. My mother wasn’t a widow, not when I planted the beans. They also made the hero of the story a guy not a girl. I guess normal girls would scream and run from a Giant, instead of kill it.
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What do you think of fairytale retellings? Do you have a favorite one?


  1. Love the retelling of Jack and the Beanstock - with Jack as a girl! Great twist!

  2. Love this! I'm spreading the word :)

    1. Thank you so much for spreading the word. I'm sure Jen will appreciate it!

  3. Replies
    1. It's beautiful; I agree. They did a wonderful job with it!

  4. Awww thanks so much everyone! Yeah I make my own covers.:)

    (Heads up, that's me in my wedding dress. Gotta love love love the magic of photoshopping)

    1. I did not know that was you! Way cool!

    2. that's pretty awesome! Photoshop rocks (and it looks like your wedding dress did too!)

  5. Yay for Jenn! Congrats! Great cover too!

  6. Congratulations to Jenn. I always find it so fascinating to see what kind of music people listen to when they write.

  7. I do love fairytale retellings. This one sounds great! This year I read RUMP and I loved it.

    1. Ooh, I haven't read that one. I'll have to check out my Goodreads.

  8. I want my front door to melt into a solid block too! Seriously, though, congrats.

  9. I love the premise of The Last of the Giants.

    That's a gorgeous cover.

  10. Anyone who writes to Florence IS genius.

    Sounds like a great read!

  11. Sounds so awesome and love the cover!


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