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AE Rought's World of BROKEN & TAINTED In Pictures

Now, I do write picture books, but this is not a PB you'd normally see here in the Alleyway. It's my agency-sister (we're both repped by Talcott Notch Literary), & sweet friend Ann's two Young Adult book series in pics! A real, live photo tour. 

As some of you know, Broken was released the first of this year with Tainted being recently set free into the publishing world. But that is not the only world to seek this beloved story of Emma and Alex. It was recently announced that Broken was opted for television. Whoot! Go my fiery friend from Michigan! 

Here's the actual announcement from Publishers Marketplace:

Television rights: A.E. Rought's BROKEN, pitched as a reimagining of the Frankenstein story in which a grieving girl falls in love with a boy not wholly himself, optioned for adaptation as an hour-long dramatic television series, by ABC Family with Junction Entertainment, by Nate Matteson at Gotham Group, on behalf of Gina Panettieri at Talcott Notch Literary Services.
It was also announced through SF Signal and Sci-Fi Bulletin.

With saying that, I'm sure you'd love to hear (and see) the world of Broken and Tainted from Ann herself. Take it away, Ann!

Welcome to the BROKEN and TAINTED photo tour!
BROKEN ~ Amazon | B&N             TAINTED ~ Amazon | B&N

Well, when it came to doing a blog tour for TAINTED, I knew I wanted to do something a little different. When Sheri offered her blog up, I suggested the idea of a photo tour, and she agreed! 


Well, the first place we see is the fictional Memorial Gardens, based on the very real cemeteries in our area.

From here, we move to the library, where Emma
 checked out a book for an English assignment.

Here, where I anchored the world of BROKEN, our library is in the heart of downtown. We have a book store/wine bar, an eclectic antique shop, a pub, and more.

Then, one of my favorite scenes in BROKEN, the class trip to Meinert Park, where Alex begins to lose his cool and exposes more than his scars to Emma. There are boardwalks snaking through the wood, or a creek, and onto the dunes. And then, there’s the culvert. 

Near the end of BROKEN, Emma decided to confront Alex. 
She has to get around the gates to his “gated community.” 

A very prominent location TAINTED is the one place Alex likes least: Ascension labs. So much happens here, so much that’s out of Alex’s limited control. 

Then, we have a bridge near the Lake Michigan Dunes. 
I can’t say much more about this location, other than a major event happens here. 

Another big event takes place in a well-known 
location(possibly sacrilegious place to use). 
The VFW hall can be rented out for parties, 
but I’m sure it’s,never seen the likes 
of the Reindeer Games. 

Another real location I put into BROKEN and TAINTED? The Lakes Mall. Bree and Emma ditch school and go there in BROKEN.  

In TAINTED, Alex and Jason shop for last minute Christmas presents. And a horrific scene takes place in the parking lot.

So, that’s it. If you were here to visit, these are the places I would take you to. I hope you enjoyed the photo tour!

As always, it's a pleasure, Ann! For more information on Broken, Tainted, or Ann aka AE Rought herself, visit her Website, Blog, Facebook, & Twitter

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Have you heard of or read either of Ann's young adult books?


  1. Love the photo tour. I imagine it really helped Ann create her settings. And congrats on having the books optioned for a TV series. How exciting!

  2. Congratulations, Ann! How exciting!
    BROKEN is a book I had on my TBR list, and then I got distracted by other shiny things. I will definitely check it out!

    1. Well, your other shiny things are understandable. Geesh, you've been a writing demon, lately. :)

  3. I love the cover of Broken. It's so pretty.

    This is such a cool way to share more about AE's books!

  4. What an awesome way to introduce your books. Thanks for the photo tour of your inspiration. I look forward to reading your books. Congrats on the tv show, too.

  5. Such an awesome idea for a post! Definitely makes me want to pick up the series. And major congrats to AE!

  6. I loves me some pictures! I feel like I just took a walk through the book--and that makes me want to learn more. Now I just need to fix my time stopper...

    1. When Ann mentioned telling the story in pics, I thought it was an awesome idea. I'm visual, by nature, so it totally worked for me! Plus, I've read them.... :)

  7. Both of AE's books look amazing! Loved the pictures.

  8. I visit real places that I use in my book. Order the food and drink off the menus. Get a real feel for the place and people. This makes it much easier for a writer to visualize the setting the characters have to perform in.

  9. Great post! I like seeing pictures of where various books are set. I haven't read these novels yet, but I have heard of them. That's so exciting about the TV option. I hope it happens!


  10. CONGRATULATIONS ANN..... How wonderful!!! Thanks, Sheri for sharing this amazing news with us. The photo review is so cool...

    Can't wait to see it on my big screen! All the best, ANN!!!!

  11. I totally enjoyed this series and really hope I get to see it on screen :-D


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