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Worth the Effort~Ella's Story & GIVEAWAY!

Breaking News: I'm interrupting my normally scheduled Tuesday to share a wonderful young adult contemporary romance novella with you. The story's main character has even stopped by to say 'Hi'. 

WORTH THE EFFORT ~ Ella's Story by Kai Strand

Distributed: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 78

Description: Ella Jones is a coward. There is a teen boy living in the alley behind her work and she is terrified of him. 

Desperate to leave behind the stereotypical and judgmental world she was raised in, Ella forces herself to make a true connection with seventeen-year-old Ayden Worth. As their friendship grows Ayden’s quiet, gentle ways teach her true courage. 

But there’s more to Ayden’s story than Ella knows. When their worlds collide in the most unexpected place, Ella feels betrayed. Will she find the courage to learn who Ayden really is, or will she determine he’s not worth the effort? 

Please, give a warm welcome to Kai's leading lady, Ella Jones.

Ella, tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, everyone! I'm a senior in high school. I go to the public school in our area, much to my parents' chagrin. I'm a barista at a downtown cafe. Another thing I do mostly to bug my parents. Hey, if you knew my parents, you'd want to annoy them too. But I'm off topic. You asked about me. Um...that's kinda all there is to say about me. I guess.

What about your world. Share a few insights?
There really isn't any insight to give. I'm just a normal kid. Product of a divorce, going to school, balancing a job and homework. You know. Kids like me are a dime a dozen. I work really hard to be this normal!

Yeah, sounds like you do. But that also tells me you're not so average. (But I also read your story, so I have a little insight myself.)

What's the biggest quirk about yourself?
I'm not allowed to have any quirks. Any quirkiness that may have started to develop in my younger years was schooled out of me by my parents. (Did you catch the nose tipped in the air and the affected tone I used? Didn't want that to get by you!)

Care to share the scoop on another character, maybe a crush? *wink*
Well, I haven't told anyone about...Ayden. He's this boy that lives in the alley behind my work. Oh my gosh, at first he scared me. A lot. I mean, seriously, what did I expect? That he'd attack me? He's homeless, not evil. Anyway, I've been getting to know him a little and he's nothing like I thought he'd be. And I can't get him out of my mind.

Can I just say that I heart, Ayden, and I'm sure the Alleywalkers will, too, when they get to meet him up close and personal next week. He's agreed to come by for a chat, too.

What's your biggest challenge in life, thus far?
Definitely my parents. But I'm pretty sure you figured that out by now. They have these wacky double standards and crazy high ideals and I just want NOTHING to do with any of it.

Fun Fact: What's your favorite snack food?
Author Kai Strand
Oh my gosh! We have these chocolate filled croissants at the cafe that I'm totally addicted to. I had a customer order the last one the other day and I might have growled at her, because I was going to have one when my shift ended.

Care to share a few deets about your creator? 
She and I are a lot alike in that we try to just do our thing and not impose ourselves on others. I really admire how close her family is. She and her husband and her kids are like my ideal family.

Gosh, what a sweet thing to say. I'm sure she loves to hear that.

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I can personally attest that Ella's story is wonderful, because I was fortunate enough to have been a beta reader for it. Honestly, it's a sweet tale you won't forget long after you've read it. AND make sure to come back next Tuesday, when Ayden pays us a visit to share his thoughts. 

If you have one, share a story that stayed with you long after you read it?
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  1. Hi Sheri!

    Thanks for having Ella in for a visit! Isn't she sweet? Poor Ella. She's always wanted a close family. Mine - we've adopted her. Thanks for sharing her story and for the kind words about it. Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway! The more the word is spread about my book and the giveaway...the more chance I'll add some prizes!

  2. Congratulations Kai on you new book! It looks like an intensive read. I write edgy Y/A contemporary, so this sounds intriguing. Also you male mc has the same name as mine except I spell his Aidan... Great coincidence. LOL.

    ALL the best!

    Hi, Sheri!

    1. I love that name - either spelling!

    2. Michael, that is so funny about your mc having the same name. I'll share a little secret. My editor wasn't a fan of the spelling I chose. I felt compelled to send her a link to show her it was a male name ;) Lol. Good to meet you (though I feel like I've seen you around, maybe here in the Alley!)

  3. Sounds like a great story - congrats to Kai!

  4. Hat's off to Kai! She is non-stop writing.

    1. I admit this year I really changed my focus and BOY has it resulted in more production! Due in part to the Writers Rebel Creed. It's a bit like Weight Watchers. When you know you have to 'weigh in' you are more likely to stick to the diet.

      Great to see you Lee!

  5. Congrats to Kai! Ella sounds like a fun, spunky character--glad I got to meet her!

    Just wanted to let you know, I finally posted my writing process blog post! Thanks again for tagging me! :)

  6. Congrats Kai!!! Lovely to meet your spirited character Ella!

    1. Good to see you Nutschell! Thanks for stopping in. Hope you come back next week to meet Ayden.

  7. This one's on the TBR list. I'm looking forward to it--and I haven't forgotten that you tagged me, for the My Writing Process thingy. Getting to that...soon...I hope. ;)

  8. This book sounds wonderful, and the cover is great!!

    1. Thank you, Denise! I'm so impressed how C.K. Volnek captured the vulnerability, pain and grit of the story. Such talent.

  9. I need to catch up with Kai's writing. I've read a few of her works, but I'd like to read more. This definitely has me interested in Ella and her story.

    1. Hope you get a chance to check this one out. It's shorter, so an easier read to fit in a busy writing schedule ;) Can't wait to read Snip, Snip!


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