Thursday, April 23, 2020

It's O-Kay To #ReachOutToConnect

***I was inspired by Cheryl Rainfield, one of the sweetest and kindest authors I know, to share my thoughts and feelings about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting so many. Find Cheryl's post HERE.

Fear. Isolation. Loneliness.
Anxiety. Apprehension. Lack of motivation.
Sadness. Confusion. Depression.

You may have felt some or all of these emotions during your lifetime. You may be feeling then now since #socialdistancting and #selfconfinement began. Since your daily routine stopped abruptly, leaving you reeling with unknowns and what-ifs.

It feels like yesterday. 
And then like forever-ago.

That's normal. Understandable. It's O-kay.


It's hard. I totally get it. There is plenty to fear, plenty to feel isolated over, and plenty to box each one of us into the confinement of any of those emotions. But we can battle our way through this.

  • Give yourself permission to feel. Yes, feel whatever it is you're feeling. #NoShameInCoping
  • Take comfort in knowing there are many out there feeling as you do. Revisit old photos, journals, or newspaper clippings. Remember the good, and know more good will come your way. #ShieldYourMentalHealth
  • Reach out to others through email, a phone call, or even set up an online virtual meeting. #ReachOutToConnect 
Loneliness and the feeling of isolation (or even of claustrophobia) can hit anyone, even someone in a busy household. I'm married, a mother to four, owner of three cats and a GSD puppy, and a business owner with my husband - plus I write. We're still coming in virtual contact with customers and with each other, yet at times I feel alone. 

A few of my good friends and I have been setting up a virtual call at least once a week since the pandemic began. I can't tell you how therapeutic these cyber chat sessions have been. We even share a drink together. Our kids, husbands, and even our dogs and cats steal the screen to make their own virtual appearance during our meetings.

For most of us, life is one big ball of hurry up. We are running here and there, whether during work hours, family time, or adult time. So much so that we find it hard to slow down, let alone come to an almost complete standstill like during our current world pandemic. Here are some suggested activities to help with self care during this time. 
  • read a book
  • jot down your thoughts in a journal
  • take a walk with the dog
  • make yourself a special sweet treat
  • clean or rearrange rooms in your house
  • do a craft you've always wanted to do
  • knitting or sewing
  • learn calligraphy
  • exercise
  • play an instrument
  • virtually taking up yoga
  • watch an old movie you used to love
  • flip through old photographs
  • do a treasure hunt in your basement or attic
  • light candles
  • drink plenty of water
  • pray
Helpful Self-Care sites.
  1. OCD
  2. Stress
  3. Mayo Clinic
  4. Stay-At_Home
  5. Ways To Stay Healthy
*Some information previously share in my newsletter.*
  1. I also have a Young Adult Health (Mental & Physical) Page on my website with helpful links to mental health & illness, eating disorders, drug addition, healthy teen project, and more. Please feel free to utilize that page. FOUND HERE.

I'm hoping you connect with some of this and that you find it helpful. If you do, please share it with others you think could benefit from it. Want to share this information or have some helpful thoughts or links to share? Please use hashtags #NoShameInCoping, #ShieldYourMentalHealth, & #ReachOutToConnect.

My hope is that you believe you are not alone. We are much stronger when we stand together. 

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace . . . 


  1. And we will get through this!
    We normally FaceTime with my parents every three weeks or so, but we've been doing it every weekend for the past two months.

    1. I'm so glad you're able to FT with your parents more often. Technology can be a blessing. I know it really helps when we're able to FT with my mom in the nursing home.
      Take care,Sheri~

  2. I talk to my mom daily, see my boyfriend three times a week, and walk two friends on Sunday morning. Trying to reach out to people more frequently too. It all helps.

    1. So glad you can talk and see friends and family, right now. It can be tough being so isolated. I mean, as writers we're kind of used to it. But this is a forced isolation, which just feels foreign. I'm also thankful for all my cyber friends.
      Take care, and if you need to chat I'm always here.

  3. Our church has been doing Zoom conferences on Friday night for anyone who wants to join in and chat with other members. I really do miss seeing my church family in person.

    1. This is wonderful! It's strange and different from what we're used to doing, but it's helpful. I'm so proud of people. Seriously. We've come together despite all this woe, lending helping hands and a word of support. I don't think we'll ever be the same, but maybe that can be a positive thing. Maybe this will bring more selflessness, kindness, and peace to the world. I hope, anyway.
      Take care, Diane...

  4. What a lovely post! My youngest daughter and son have been keeping in touch with their friends through games/email every day, and my daughter does live chats and online sessions with her gymnastic's group. As for me, well honestly nothing has changed since we're always pretty isolated on a farm anyway. But I can't imagine how hard it is for those who are much more social. So, nice tips!


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