Friday, February 18, 2011

ALLEYWALKERS Galore & More!!

Cyber space is a great way to shout out loud. And I haven't given some somein' some to my blogging mates in a while.

So here's a few SHOUT-OUTS for you.

~ The NUMBER 1 'BLAH' I must mention is a long-overdue GRAFFITI welcome to our newest Alleywalkers!! Seriously, over 140 of you have joined the Alleyway over the last three weeks, alone. Whoa!! I am humbled you've chosen to join us. So many new authors to splatter the graffiti wall with their stories and advice. Don't forget to just ask me if you want an interview. I'd love it!!

I hope you visit often, and that I can keep you informed and entertained. You all RAWK!! During the month of March, I plan on hosting a book giveaway just for my current followers. Yes. You are that special. AND wait 'til you see the hardcover I have for you.

Heart U!!

~ I've chatted about platforms before. Even gave you a nifty picture.


Well, Rachel over on Rach Writes has come up with a pretty sweet way to hone that author platform from the foundation up!

She hosted her first Writer Platform-Building Crusade last year and has decided to host a second Crusade.

It's simple to participate and doesn't take much effort on your part. All you do is visit her post about the SECOND WRITERS PLATFORM-BUILDING CRUSADE and fill out the form. Basically, it's a great way to mingle with other writers and bloggers creating those all important stepping stones and base.

~ AND for another announcement: have you checked out BOOKRUSHED, yet?? Whoa. If not, go HERE now!! I'll wait.

You came back. Thanks!! Aren't they fabulous!? They are just a ton of fun, hosting contests and giveaways, and then there's their amazing book reviews! Yeah, and I'm all hearts over their logo.

~ I also wanted to bring your attention over to my sidebar. 

In passing, I've mentioned that I am in cahoots with 4 other writers. We've been dubbed ~ The Oasis Sisters. Pretty cool. And seeing how I highlighted the blog this past Friday as we hosted the That's YAmore blogfest--which was a fangtabulous success because of some of you--I figured I should do a pluggie for us. I would love it if you'd copy our badge and show us some love with a post, a highlight, or even a follow. The gals are amazing, and we have a set writing schedule. It's all about you.

Merci!! AND have a safe weekend, everyone!!


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