Monday, March 29, 2010

The Amazing Jest of a Grocery List

Yup, another Monday. "Welcome Monday," the class dully replies, as the teacher instructs them to open their books to page 154. Feeling like them? Need some livening up? Some fuel in the tank? I'd recommend eating breakfast and of course a gigantic cup of joe. Hasn't helped yet? I bet your minds are stalled in the past weekend just like those students'. Man, can I relate. But...Dah, dah, dah!! I have just the cure: A grocery list. For all you moms out there, I know doing groceries puffs. Trust me. Doing it to keep the bellies of 4 grumbling kids is exhausting, not to mention brutally expensive. But what can we do? Add some fun to our lists, that's what. 

The challenge: write a wacky grocery list to get our minds going. 

Buck Monday morning's trudge by bringing the feist of the weekend in. Think out of the box. The wackier, the funnier, the better. Good Luck. Can't wait to see what you come up with. 
(Now, where in the grocery aisle  do they keep caster oil and lug nuts?)  


  1. You said think OUT of the box - OK?
    Shopping List;
    1) Pocket Genie who doubles as a muse 'n' loo cleaner
    2) A 'self cleaning' loo detergent (they say they self clean BUT never do)
    3) 5 Kilos of various flavoured chocolate bars (those darned pocket genies never lift a finger) so as to give sustenance to writers with no active muse - we are Not amused.
    4) 5 kilos of Columbian coffee to go with the caffeine in the candy bars. To keep you awake when you're trying to write creatively. ( It must be Columbian 'cause at least if the writing doesn't flow, you can always think about what's going on in Columbia....
    5) A sliced loaf
    6) 2 litres of skimmed milk

    The last 2 just to be a bit normal.
    The BIG question is how much will this all cost...?

  2. Ann Marie, these are great!! Chocolate bars...You are after my own heart. I'm a chocoholic! Self-proclaimed, of course.

    The cost: a good laugh and making new friends. Thanks.

  3. My list:

    1)An extra role of hockey tape for 'their' mouths. (of course, I'm kidding but it's so tempting...)
    2)shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain floor wax and doesn't cost the same as buying a small country.
    3)A pin cushion. (Haven't seen one of those for years.
    4)Hand sanitizer that won't eventually peel your skin off and we find out in twenty years that it messed with our nervous systems.
    5)Salsa and nacho chips. Why? Because it's the only snack I eat, and no matter where I hide it the kids find it. AUGH!!!

    Foolish and crazy, but I feel better now. See.

  4. Your list was much more practical than mine....hey, you like salsa and nacho chips, too. What about choco? No mention here...and I'll send you a pincushion from Greece. My Ma in law is a FABULOUS seamstress (60 yrs experience - she's 80 now!)
    Thanks for the fun Sheri!


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