Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day of Nothing

Have you ever had a day where you felt as though you'd accomplished nothing? Yeah, that would be me today. I've been from one edit to word cutting to flagging the kids out of the street and finally I resorted to doing the laundry. Blah...  But as I write this post--still avoiding the edit that is needling me worse than a pesky black fly (& man, we got us some black flies in Maine)--something occurred to me. I think it's some wisdom an aging nun at my Catholic School had told me. Must have stored it in some folder in that undefined filing cabinet at the back of my brain.

Of course her reference had been about God, but I'm going to take it and apply it here. When you feel like nothing is happening or everything is out of sync, that's when you're growing the most. Things are not always as they seem, as I'm sure we've all heard before. What a precious gem that all writers and mothers alike can take to heart. It helped me to remember. I hope it helps you, too.   

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