Thursday, May 20, 2010


While flipping through Twitter, yesterday, I came upon a tweet that sounded interesting. It was about promoting yourself before the big 'I've Made It Speech' is needed. So I clicked. Nibble: I just found another site: Choosing Web Addy for New Site

To my surprise, it was all about domain names and the importance of having one even if you don't intend on using it for a while.

I've visited many blogs where the writer has a link to his/her website. I've often wondered what they do differently on their website then they do on their blog.

Here's a few tidbits I found out:

1) a blog is your platform. It's where you be you. It's wise to find a theme for your blog and expand upon it through your posts.

2) a blog is the catalyst for interacting with those who are interested in your work, what you have to offer, and you in general.

1) a website is like your label, your 'marker'--a word I use so often in my book. It's like the outer covering of a book, then the canvas for the book, then the inside cover, the prologue, first page, etc...

2) a website is a marketing tool, just like a blog, but to a greater extent. There are separate pages filled with information about yourself, your work, your ideas. Most of the time a website promotes a product or service and has direct links where said product/service can be purchased or utilized.

Classes are offered, etc...

I could go on. (And in light of needing to send out more interview questions, more word cutting of current ms, reading first pages for a critique partner, and working on a synopsis...I need to cut this short. Eek, me. Sorry.)

The whole gist of the article is about the importance of snagging your domain name and making it as personally recognizable as possible. Most people use their name. I'll be honest, my first name has never been a favorite of mine.

In my younger days, kids in elementary school called me 'Sonny & Sher' which drove me crazy. I hated it. That explains S.A. Larsen

So when thinking about a domain name I'm unsure. It is the way the world will perceive me. What do I want my domain name to say to the great masses out there? Should I use my full name or my first two initials with my last name?

Do you have a website or a domain name? What name did you choose? Why?

Ooh, massive GRAFFITI splats go out to THE ALLITERATIVE ALLOMORPH and her amazing contest. I WON  second place!! Yay me!! I get to send my query or synopsis for critique to the amazing Paula B founder of The Writing Show!

Not sure what I should do, feisty Alleywalkers. My query is in pretty good shape after slugging it out in the rounds of YAlitchat's Query Kick-around, but my synopsis was written forever ago. I haven't looked at it in months. Should I look at it and clean it up and send that? Ugh...more decisions. 

Psst....Thanks, Jessica!!


  1. Excellent post! This is something I don't know that we think about this concept much, and yet you make great points. More to ponder!


  2. I'd use what you're planning to publish under. If SA Larson is it, then go see if it's available! (I need to follow my own advice.)

  3. CONGRATS!!!!
    I need to see about my domain name. It's been on a to-do list forever. Hmm..

  4. Some photographer in England already has my domain name. I had a unique maiden name and married a man with a common last name, so there are a lot more people with my name floating around now! I'll probably either add a dash or writer or author to my domain. Right now I'm focusing on getting my blog to look the way I want it to, then maybe in a few months I'll focus on getting the domain name.

    If you feel your query is in submittable shape, then don't submit it. I'd clean up your synopsis a bit and send that instead.

  5. She worked wonders with my synopsis. I'd do that. They're just as hard as queries! :) xx

  6. Great post. I've heard it's best to register a domain name, even when you start a blog. I am. Perhaps you want to register 2-one with your full name & the other with your initials. That way you are covered no matter what you decide to do WHEN you get published.

    Good luck with your critique.

  7. Great post, and in a way you are lucky to have a unique name. Try working with Sue Quinn and see how far you get in Search Engine Optimization! :)

    I recently reserved a domain name and am working on my author website. I decided to go with my middle name (Susan Kaye Quinn), partly because I like it (it's my mom's name) and partly because I could find a domain name for it! ( apparently was available)

    The cost is low ($10/yr) to reserve your domain name now, even if you don't make a website to go with it. That way your favorite moniker will be there when you're ready for it, and you can always change your mind later! :)

  8. I don't have a domain name, but I went to a great class on it at my last writer's conference. It's got me thinkin'.

  9. Sheri,
    I've been thinking about domain name a lot, but have put it off, knowing creating and maintaining a website will just add to my already ridiculous To Do list! Maybe later!

    Thanks for clarifying the different uses of a blog and website.

  10. Great info! I've never thought about my domain name. Congrats on winning AA's contest. I'd go for the synopsis.

  11. great post, Sheri. I do occasionally think of this and I've actually been keeping my eye out for a web design class, preferably an inexpensive one thru adult ed, I know I've seen it before.

    And you have a fabulous name! I'd keep it if I were you:)

  12. I went ahead and bought - currently, if you type that address, it reroutes you to my mobile me webpage, but I've been consistent about using the name I hope will one day appear in print. future friends/fans can find me on facebook, twitter, my website and my livejournal blog, all under the same name, mysteriously: jessie harrell


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