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I remember when I started Writers' Ally. Yeah, I talked about it HERE, in case you missed it. Figured I'd write a little here, a tad more there, and that would be that. I never dreamed it would become all it's grown to mean to me. 

*SNIFF, SNIFF* We're growing up. *Wiping a tear*

It's my new outlet and a way to make connections with other writers, mainly all of YOU.

I am whole-heartedly grateful and humbled that you've chosen to stop by and share my journey as a zany mom and feisty writer. But that you've chosen to follow me, keeping in touch on a daily and weekly basis floors me. I am unworthy.

Psst....want'a know what I gut for y'all???
Are you sitting?
No drinks in your hands or hot coffee that could scald you, right??
Do you have flip-flops on? 'Cause you need to be careful walking...Ss...sorry. CHEESE.

For my first drawing, I have a TEN BOOK GIVEAWAY open INTERNATIONALLY.
TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: slick as nature's knoll covered in dish soap.
(Don't knock it. That slip-n-slide is a favorite of the kids out at camp. Granted, we provide the dish soap... GREEN-safe, of course.)
Simply FILL OUT the form at the bottom of this post and hit SUBMIT. DONE. Glad to have you. Rules: -Random selection and open INTERNATIONALLY to whereverBook Depository ships.

You're probably wondering where the 'PSYCHIC' part of this whole deal comes into play. Look below.

I need to know what he's thinking. Care to take a guess? Bet you can come up with something spectacular, wacky, or down-right funny.

TO ENTER Contest: *** Write a caption, paragraph, shortie or flash fiction and tell me what this little guy is thinking. Think out of the box. (Limited to inside the US.)  And here's the GOODS:

6th runner-up Signed by Riley Carney
5th runner-up Signed by Lauren Oliver 4th runner-up two books Signed by LM Preston

3rd runner-up - First Chapter Critique by the talented Riley Carney.
2nd runner-up - 20 minute Skype conversation with the amazing Elana Johnson.
1st runner-up -  Synopsis & Query Critique by the wonderful AE Rought.
GRAND PRIZE: First Chapter critique by the fabulous Caroline Rose Starr.
RULES: - have fun with whatever you write. Be very PSYCHIC!
                 - comment on this post letting me know you're in.
                 - email me your entry: salarsen71 (at) gmail (dot) com with'PSYCHIC'           in the subject line by Wednesday, JUNE 9th by noon (EST).
                 - The winner will be chosen by the FAB FAM of 6 I happen to live with. Yeah, the other freakizoids + the fry nose kid.  
                 - Winners to be announced JUNE 11TH on this blog. (This applies to contest and giveaway.) 
                 - I will email the contest winners with more information and the book   winners for mailing addies.
                 - By all means enter the giveaway and contest, but please only one entry per each. I just might be 'PSYCHIC', you know, and catch you. Then you'll have to contend with me haunting you like a banshee, clawing your windows at night, scaring the B-geeses out of your farm animals... Oh, no farm animals. Domestic animals will do.

    Questions? Concerns? Issues? Leave me a comment or email me. And gigantic thank you's for playing this mind game with me!!





  1. The Tusken warrior returned triumphant from a scouting party and sat tall atop his shaggy bantha.

    "Mom, where is my hubba gourd? I'm Jonesing for a sugar high!"

  2. I'm gonna have to think about this one...What a great contest!!! Congrats, Sheri. You deserve a million followers. And hotheads.

  3. What a great contest! Congrats on all the super followers. :D

  4. What a great contest! So many great things. I linked to it from my post today, and I'm off to tweet you up!

  5. Sounds like some awesome prizes!! Several of those books are ones I've been meaning to pick up!

  6. I hopped over from Elana's link. I'd have come anyway, though, ya know! Ha ha. Such an original contest idea - love it! :-)

  7. Oh man! I have got to get myself one of those contest things at the side of my blog!!! (Maybe tomorrow).
    Your little guy is so cute with fries up his nose! hee hee.

  8. SHERI - You are THE queen of blogging - you are EVERYWHERE you feisty CHICK!

    I don't understand anything unusual about the 2 DEMONIC ANGELS put things in every orifice they can find...Siggy Freud would have an awful LOT to say about THAT...Mmmm - your son can only put 1 in each nostril...have to get my camera out and show you what my OLYMPIANS can do!

    Will try to come up with a story or flash fiction over the weekend.

  9. Psst! Sheri - I just posted this competition on my facebook - do I get 5 extra points instead of blogging?...17 instead of 12....
    * bats eyelashes in a very spooky manner*

  10. What a fun contest! Love the picture.

  11. loving all the goodies! thanks so much for having this give away

  12. I can't wait to win something! JK--I rarely do, but it's fun to enter! Thanks!

  13. Cool contest! Congrats on all of the followers. :)


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