Friday, May 28, 2010


As most of you know I'm a former dancer. (Yeah, still dance but the capacity has changed. LOL) 

So last night, I had a majorly cool night. Any of you watch  ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔   ➔ ??

Well you should. Some of the most talented, not to mention yummy dancers show up to audition. It's wild and the choreography some of them come up with is amazing. That's my favorite part: choreography. Always has been. Maybe that's where I get my love of writing: creating something out of nothingnessordering hopes, dreams, fears, and wishes through the movement of words. Dance is really the same--tells a story.

But something else happened to me yesterday. I received a package!! H-hun...yup, I did. I was seriously sweating while I opened it. 

My home-lady DIANNE'S book came in the mail!!! I want to share with you the journey my copy of We Heard The Dead took.

First we stopped for coffee.

Then Gracie decided she'd like a look at it. 
(Trust me. She looked away for only a moment.)

See...I told you. She just couldn't resist after the first page!!

After all that fondling by the dog, my copy needed some R & R.

So I picked her up to take a nice stroll around the neighborhood.

There you have it. My adventure with We Hear The Dead

Let's make a pact: I will support each of you this way when your amazing wordage is bound in print, and you'll pay it forward to MOI

Enjoy your long weekend everyone and be safe!!

And don't forget to be checking out the last day of Queen Elana's daily contest and my crazy Candy-girl and her 'bling' of a contest!!


  1. My son fell in love with So You Think You Can Dance Canada last year, so we HAD to record the American show last night for him. The series and dancers are just amazing.

  2. Our entire family follows the show - men/boys included. I've seen three of the live shows and would highly recommend them. I am so moved by the judges' emotional reactions and found myself tearing up a bit last night. I agree, Sher, that good choreography and good writing can be powerful experiences for the creators and observers.

  3. I <3 SYTYCD! And you look like me, hiding behind Dianne's book:)

  4. I've never watched the show. But I bet as a dancer it's fun to watch.

    Enjoy your book! (assuming you can get it away from your dog) ;)

  5. Clever approach with this post and the photos. Our dog would have the book in his mouth--hoping it tasted like a cheesburger.

    Receiving a book in the mail always makes for a great day. Happy reading.

  6. Okay, that is one of the best "I GOT A NEW BOOK" posts ever. *thumbs up*

    And now I want that book. *scribbles on TBR list*

  7. What a fun way to get a new book! Really enjoyed your post. And give Gracie a bone for she's got THE cutest little face. Sooo sweet. I love her coloring, just beautiful (and I'm more a cat person so Gracie really rocks.)

  8. That's awesome that you have a homelady who was so kind as to send you her book. It looks like you're enjoying it!

    Love the photos.

    Speaking of Elana and Candace (two of the most wonderful ladies in the world) here's some more linkalation for you and your readers:

    Today's guest blogger is THE Elana Johnson!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE so you think you can dance. One of my favourite shows! :) You have a home lady? Very cool. :)

  10. Hey there! I have an award for you and you can pick it up here:


  11. Ha, ha - that was wonderful publicity! That book is now on my TBR list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Love you, Sheri!
    Droid is not so good at blog comments. Can't wait to get home and reply properly!

  13. Sheri, that's such a great idea to promote other author's books like you are. We all have to stick together and do this for each other.

  14. I'm excited about this book, and your pictures make it look so gorgeous! Good post.

  15. I think what you're doing is awesome, and will definitely put this on my to-read list. It sounds great.

  16. I like the new look? How long has it been like this???

    Also, I love So You Think You Can Dance! I don't get to watch it much though. :(

    I remember when you had the author of that book over for an interview. It sounds super wonderful.

    And yes, I will def buy your book when it's in print! :)

  17. Sheri, You are so awesome to take my book on a little tour like that! I'm sure it feels comfortable and loved in its new home! And I will absolutely do the same for yours when you make your premiere -- except for the dog pix. I don't think I quite trust Sorcia with a new book!

    Love your comparison of choreography and writing. A novel does have to be choreographed; it's a complex dance of characters, mood, setting, plot, and theme.

    Thank you for the pictures! I'm off to shamelessly promote them ...

  18. I love this post, but hate that show. Okay, i dont hate it, I just never watch it. Need to read this book!

  19. I want WE HEAR THE DEAD to come visit me at my house! Oh the fun we'd have together!! Soon....

  20. We have the show in Australia but I haven't watched an episode. Your blog is gorgeous, loving the photos. Can't wait to see more writing


  21. I couldn't resist. I added We Hear the Dead to my wish list.


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