Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yawn...does that say enough?? Yup, no sleep last night. I had big plans to welcome some new ALLEYWALKERS. We have so many. YAY! 
*Cheers, pompoms, and major 'Hoorays!
Really, I'm feelin' it. I'm thrilled you've joined our GRAFFITI band. We're tons of fun. We chat. We do the pageant wave--don't laugh. I've had to do that. *Shiver, quiver, and ugh* We do get serious once in a while.

Thanks for joining us, and chime in at will. Love to hear what you have to say. 

I'm taking the lead from LiLa, this morning. Already visited their blog--hilarious girls, but they do have a serious side. They're passionate about writing. Check out their blog post today about  5 do's to be perky.
I have my own fab 5 this morning, but I'm writing in the negative. Sure, major faux pax; I know. What NOT to do when you can't fall asleep.

1) DON'T toss & turn. Really, it's a RED light saying 'Dude, you're awake.'

2) DON'T keep getting up to go to the bathroom. You don't have to go. Another subliminal message from the brain telling you, 'Dude, you're eyelids are still open.'

3) DON'T replay the day in your head. You've already lived it once. Do you truly want to go there again?? Once again, 'Dude, you really need to close your eyes.

4) DON'T get a smart dog. Get a dumb one. Sure, those are probably burly and sluggish. But really, what's a little slobber among friends? If you get the smart dog, it will wait until the house is eerily quiet. Faint breaths from all family members fluttering their lips. All in blissful sleep. Then, traipse around the moonlit house, stalking out the scent of anything FOOD. Assured to find slivers of a half-eaten sandwich or crummy plastic baggy, the dog will strut to the mudroom and hit the jackpot: the kids' uncleaned lunch boxes. Shaking from the mere bliss of the thought, the dog will yard the lunch box down from the cubby area and insert a canine tooth into the zipper pull. The repeat offender is off with the open lunch box and the goods. 

Intoxicated by the cascading aromas of stale bread, dried-up bologna, melted cheese, and the six-year-old's saliva, the dog forgets to be quiet and rips into the plastic baggie, emptying out the remaining sandwich slices. Thus: making the already agitated MOM who can't sleep get up. 

Lesson: get a fish. 

5) Above all, DON'T drink a Loco Moco Monster before bed, or you'll get a post like this the next morning. 

Here's to your day, and all the head-bobbing I'll be doing. Cheers!

{On a more serious note, I do want to chat with you all about my synopsis plight. So keep your thinking caps on. We'll share tomorrow.}

Day All!!


  1. Haha. I take it you need sleep?! Meeee too. And I had a fish, but Lilliana took them out with her play net...

  2. lol!! I couldn't sleep last night either so I had to take a benadryl (sp??)

    Anyways, good luck staying awake today ;)

  3. There must be something in the water. I got NO sleep last night. Our new kittens have taken me as their personal pied piper. Which is unfortunate when they are up playing at 2 in the morning, running across my bed (and me) with their claws out. My 6 year old had decided he needed a snuggle, and then proceeded to lie sideways on our bed. My four year old heard the cats playing, and decided it was daytime, and that she wanted to play with them and me. So, if anyone is counting, that's two adults, one sideways child, one awake child, and two kittens all in one bed. Alllll night long. My eyes are burning, I'm so tired. And, I have a backlog of stuff to complete. Can I get a Woo-hoo for WIBIJ???

  4. Don't get a smart dog! Too right! :) LOL

  5. This is my existence pretty much always. I can't remember the last time I had a full night's sleep.

    I think it's in the genes maybe. Writerly people don't seem to sleep much.

  6. Aw...get some sleep girl. Take lots of little naps through the day. Sometimes that helps (sometimes it just keeps me up the next night.) Hum... maybe not great advice. =)

  7. I'm awake on 2 hours of sleep, fake ice-coffee drink (milk with TONS of caffeinated syrup), two chewy bars, 2 cupcakes, and...yeah, that's basically it. Oh! And the urge to put pencil to paper with a random scene I'm writing!

  8. :D Fabulous advice. I've been tossing and turning in bed so often these days instead of getting real sleep.

    I hope you'll get a lot of quality sleep!

  9. Easier said than done to not replay the day. I've definitely been lacking in sleep these past few days.

  10. you and me both - I almost had to get up and read at 3:30 am - after tossing, turning, going to the bath room & oh yeah... taking my kids back to their own dang rooms 3 times. I wouldn't have gotten any sleep if I could have fallen back to sleep in the first place.

  11. After reading your post, I feel guilty for feeling sleepy when I've had way more sleep than you! When I can't sleep, I do get up to go to the bathroom about every five minutes. Not good.

    Please stop by my blog when you can. I have a fun little project waiting for you!

  12. sleep, but be aware too much sleep are no good...

  13. Fun post! Yes, sleep. I am yawning myself right now!

  14. I like #3 - I hate when I do that!


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