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The Significant Other Blogfest!

Ever heard of T bone? What about Talli?

I know some of you have. For those who haven't, you have to pay a visit to their blogs. T bone aka Don is a wonderful blogger who's filled his followers plate with at least one member from every state in the US. Cool huh? And he talks about the wifey's throw pillows. (hee...)

Talli Roland is a talented writer with amazing ideas. Her book, The Hating Game, was released Fall of 2010.

They've gotten together to create what I think is a pretty ingenious blogfest. What do my 'significant others' think of me as a writer?

At first, I wasn't going to bother signing up. Getting my family to write up even the smallest paragraph about me would be quite the feat, definitely an energy buster. But our way-pleasing hosts came up with an alternative for those of us in my delicate position. Questions. Three simple question posed to said significant other(s). Yeah, that option worked much better for me.

Now in my household of six, you'd think I could get someone to man-up and write a little entrée about Mom/wifey/writer. The hubs isn't into writing or reading unless it has to do with sports or cars (his industry). The 17yr-old was just too busy. The 14 & 12yr-olds are, well...14 & 12. And the itty-bitty 7yr-old simply thinks Mom is cool but is always in her office. LOL

L to R: Kate, Me, Josh, Jake, CJ, & the hubs-Artie
Here's a photo of my motley-looking crew at a friends house, watching the Pats lose their shirts last weekend. So depressing.

One of my friends was able to catch us all in the same picture. It's shocking, really., took a while to get them together, but I finally cornered them with my evil eye and threats of no food for a week. Here's their collective thoughts about me. (I believe the first three responses are from the kids and the last dual answer is from the hubs.)

1. What food or drink is guaranteed to return your loved one to a good mood, even after a bad day writing?

Chocolate and wine.

2. What one thing would you change about your others writing habits?

She talks to herself, which is way weird, and says 'sorry' to her laptop. Just as odd. We catch her walking around the house, smiling strangely at absolutely nothing. When we ask what she's doing, she just says, "I'm thinking." She has little notebooks everywhere and we'd better not touch them. *Shiver* She can get as scary as her invisible friends.

3. How hard is it to sit by and watch someone you care for struggle to attain a dream...knowing there's very little you can do to help?

We just tell her to be positive and good things will happen. We wish she wouldn't work so many hours and take more time off, but we know she's working hard. We are so excited for the day when her book comes out!!

Hard? 99% hard. She deserves everything, because having four kids and writing books is taxing on the mind. At least we have a family calender...that everyone's suppose to use to help Mom keep track of things.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the other posts linked to the blogfest!

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  1. I love the bit about you being scarier than your invisible friends.

  2. My wife would really wonder if I talked to my computer as well!

  3. Talking to oneself is weird--but I catch myself doing it too!

    Great to hear from the family! Nice post all around.

  4. She says sorry to her laptop.

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! This was GREAT! Thank you to all of you for letting us get to know your writer just a little bit more. I know it wasn't easy, but you did a fantastic job. :)

  5. This is really interesting! I'm imagining the answers my husband would give would be very similar. My daughter is not quite 4 yet, so her answers may be amusing.

  6. hahahaha! You say sorry to your laptop??? This was awesome. I can so imagine you doing that actually ;o)

  7. So sweet! This is the best entry I've read so far. :D

  8. This was amazing! I laughed at the saying sorry to your laptop business (only because I do it too sometimes). At least we're strange together!

    This was so much fun! I adore this blog fest!!

  9. I love that you got your whole family involved in this. Great entry! Keep up the writing and best of luck in everything!

  10. I loved that! I can just see you muttering 'sorry' to your computer! :)

  11. As scary as her invisible friends! LOVE that! Sounds like you're surrounded by awesome, loving peeps. Especially ones that understand chocolate and wine have soothing and medicinal properties!

  12. Interesting twist with your whole family, but they're all in it with you I guess. Nice picture and lovely answers too.

  13. I'm loving these posts! Thank your family for sharing what it's like to live with writer you!:) Great pic!

  14. Haha! "Walking around the house smiling strangely at nothing." That's called writing, Kids. I love how others view the writing process.

    Dan - this is my wife's post.

  15. Oh Sheri, sounds like you have writer's flu, lol! That's so cute to know that your family picks up those little things about yourself that we all tend to forget.

  16. This is great! Love how they know not to touch the notebooks! =)

    So glad you did this blogfest - I loved learning more about you!

  17. Don't worry. I apologize to my computer often. We're NORMAL :)

  18. This BF is so awesome! Nice to meet you Mr. Larsen. Well done, sir.

  19. My older son wrote a great blurb for my novel when it was in ABNA. And then he said he'd do a read thru with comments that summer for a fee!
    Yeah, I talk--to my characters!

  20. LOL. I love those answers! So dang cute! :-)

  21. I have four kids too, and yes, writing when they're all busy and in and out of the house can be a challenge! Sounds like you have tons of support though!

  22. Awesome entry! Four kids, wow! I can hardly handle three!

  23. Totally love that you say "sorry" to your laptop!!! Made me stop and wonder if I ever do that... ha!

  24. How cool that you have a calendar and family participation to keep you on track!

  25. Love the threats! Aw, I'd bet they'd have done it anyway.

  26. Your family sounds great! And like everyone else, I think it's funny you tell your computer sosry!

  27. Oh my God I say sorry to my laptop too! And definitely talk to myself. Ah, writers and our imaginations. This was great, thanks for sharing it!

  28. I'm not in on the blog hop, but I was definitely on the same wavelength with a post today about family and writing! I'm almost afraid to ask my family those questions! :)

  29. I think it's great that you got your kids to answer too, not just your husband. And I have notebooks all over the place too!

  30. AHHH! Your family's responses are PERFECT!! Chocolate and wine, baby, chocolate and wine!

  31. I love the part that you talk to yourself, I can relate to that, haha! Thanks for this, it's nice to get to know you more! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, too! :)

  32. Talking to things, staring off with a smile and notebooks everywhere- yup that sounds familiar. great post!

  33. Smiling at nothing, talking to things that aren't there. Yep, all sounds like a writer. Nice entry, very thoughtful.


  34. Oh man, yeah, I walk around talking to myself. I try to do it when my family is out of the house so that they don't institutionalize me.

  35. omg, Sher, this is so so funny! I can just hear your little ones saying "she talks to herself" and "she says sorry to her laptop." LOL!!! I didn't think to interview my kids... your gang is too precious~ :o) <3

  36. LOL! You say sorry to your computer! That is fantastic!!! That just tickles me to death. Love the pic of the fam! :)

  37. I love it! I talk to myself all the time...and yes, I even answer myself. I TRY not to do it when others are around, but sometimes I slip up. LOL

  38. I loved reading about your family. And I can definitely relate to talking to yourself.

  39. omg I swear that sounds just like my house. I love your kids are so supportive and your hubby. Sounds like you have one heck of a family. Thanks for sharing.

  40. That was great - it sounds like your kids are about as understanding as mine. Whenever I have to read a chapter out loud, I just tell them, "I'm going to be talking to myself now, just ignore me."

    Great picture, by the way! I'm sure that is quite a feat to get all of you in a picture together. There's only five of us, and it's a very rare thing indeed.

  41. that sounds like so much fun!!! I'll see if I can convince hubby to play.


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