Monday, February 28, 2011

Crusade SECRETS Revealed!

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."

When I was a little girl, I used to skip around my house singing that line, pretending I was Julie Andrews and that some fiery bald-headed King wanted me as his children's English tutor. I wanted to be in The King and I.
If you read FRIDAY'S POST (which was way fun, BTW), you know that I participated in the first Crusader Challenge for the second Crusader Pledge. Feel free to read it now, if you didn't get the chance before. It's less than 300 words and reveals bits about moi.

According to challenge rules, I had to include the following: 4 funky words previously chosen (rabbit, blade, bloviate, fuliguline), one interesting quirk, one annoying habit, one of my best character traits, one of my favorite things in the whole world, one secret, and lie or fib as I like to call it.

Pretty cool challenge, I might say. Thanks, Rachel!

"Time to fess up," as my pepere used to say.

I was shocked at how I stumped everyone. Your comments about my short excerpt were endearing, touching my heart. It was wonderful to hear that you appreciated my effort. But more over, despite the fact that you couldn't figure out my fib, you kept reading. Some of you said my writing was beautiful and made you forget what you were looking for. Thank you. I will not forget your encouragement.

So, I did use the four funky words.

My interesting quirk was that I returned to dance at the age of 36 and dance just for fun. (Trust me: that is a quirk.)

My annoying habit is that no matter how sucky I sing, I keep trying. *shiver* I sing in the shower, while I wash dishes, & jam to rock music in the car, looking really stupid at a stop light.

One of my best character traits would probably have to be my ability to look beyond a sacrifice and see hope. You know; when one door closes, a window opens....

Favorite thing in the whole world would be dance.

My secret ~ the dancer's feet in this photo which I included in my post are my actual feet.

And last but not least, the fib. Although I said I stumped you, there were four of you who did guess correctly. Hearts to U! GP Ching, Lydia Kang, Dan Klinefelter, and Regina! I DID NOT play the spoons. But you should have seen my family play them. Stupidly good. Really. When all my older French relatives used to get together, they'd jam on those things and make real music. It was awesome! I loved listening to them as a kid.

What about you? Did you have a relative who could do something really cool with something as mundane as a set of spoons? Have you ever thought about incorporating a funky quirk like that into one of your characters?

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