Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Ode to the Letter D

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Those who've been Alleywalkers for some time probably expected me to write about my past life with Dance or my love of Dogs. Maybe even Dodging snowballs or the Deer population in Maine. Instead, I decided to go out on a limb and write about a subject that will surprise you but really shouldn't. I'm a writer of all that is otherworldly, ominous, and frightful. Like the chainsaw splattering raw in a hallway...(I'm joking. I don't write gore, although I do enjoy a good horror flick.) 

The titter of music streams the air,
ribboning with sweet and familiar flare.
Hearts stop. Smiles widen. Elation roars.
Feet patter the earth in eager’s galore.

Baseball mitts drop, puffing clouds of nature’s dust.
Tree limbs bounce and bleachers empty, too.
Swing sets are ghost towns, silent and eerie.
All except for the last kid yelling, “Wait up! What’s the Hoo?”

An icon for decades, the ice cream truck nears,
Sending hands into pockets, finding change bringing cheers.
Different flavors are discussed, and if they’ll be enough.
Each pallet is quenched, hydrating a definite must.

But the picture I’ve painted is yet a façade,
As tires screech round a corner, turning every chin up hard.
See, I knew it was coming; it’s what I do best,
So the meek may want to turn as I finish the rest.

Most see the obvious, entangled with the false miasma,
To examine life closely does take more charisma.
I’ve been there the whole time, watching and waiting,
For the moment of truth, never takes too much baiting.

Eyes widen. Shrills lurk. Tension encapsulates the crowd.
Pleas nip at the heels of the one who’s now found.
Awe-filled reactions expose the find and
reel in motion as I swoop down, taking what’s mine.   

I am not what most expect.

Dingy and dirty, selfish I could not be.
No price is ever set, or collection fee.
Pure in thoughts and, yes, in deeds.
The nurturer of the teeniest of weeds.

I am the cleanest among mankind.
Not fake nor a gossip feign.
I am the end and the beginning, in all their wealth,
in every dream and laugh and sweet-smelling breath.

…and I am pleased…
…to take you away with me.


  1. I really enjoyed this
    "Dingy and dirty, selfish I could not be.
    No price is ever set, or collection fee."

  2. Wow! This is such a wonderful poem! You should post it in the poetry pact, honey! Nice!

    Jessica @ The Alliterative Allomporph

  3. Wow! What a different way to do "D". I admire that you can write poetry too.

  4. That is a fantastic poem! Love the subject, and the last lines are the best :)

  5. Wow--POWERFUL!!!

    Miasma--GREAT word.

  6. that is very strong!

    "D" is the Word...
    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  7. Wow. That was impressive! I love the sinister and you write it very well.

    Ellie Garratt

  8. Great poem. I love the ending!

  9. Great job and interesting topic. You did a great job using the words to create imagery and feeling.

  10. "I am not what most expect." I love that line. It says soooooo much. :-)

  11. Great poem. I'm not a good judge of poetry, but I do like this one.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  12. Awesome post. Loved it! You are just all kinds of talented, aren't you?

  13. that's great :) Haven't read a poem in a long while !

    Following you from A-Z challenge!

  14. Ooooh, this really vivid and haunting. Great poem! Me likey!

  15. Ooohhh nice surprise! I thought for sure you'd write about dance!

  16. Excellent post and poem! ;-)

  17. Fabulous poem! A touch of the Meet Joe Black about it. Great.

  18. what a daring and darling poem.

    fabulous word flow..

  19. I really liked your poem, it has a nice ring to it! Nice to meet you through the challenge! Thank you for sharing!

  20. As in this case you never see death coming.


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