Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Despite having two topics to intrigue you with today, I Promise to keep it brief.

PROGRESS ~ "a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage." *according to dictionary.com*

While highlighting the letter J, I intro-d ROW80, which I'm using to help me juggle my writing life. But it also a vehicle, fueling my Progress. So here's my Tuesday check-in.

Goal #1 ~ Finally wrote my breakthrough chapter introducing my main male MC. The dude is way complex, which lead to a week or so of struggles trying to weave in his back story. The reader needs this knowledge now in order to understand his position, desire of goals, and conflict in finding the girl, Ana--main female MC. Now, I'm ready to move forward, continuing to rewrite from past to present tense and threading a new plot twist to the end. :)

Goal #2 ~ Yeah, working on the 3rd draft of my picture book SWITCHING DAYZZZ.... just didn't happen. *See goal #1*

Goal #3 ~ Didn't do much with actual outlining of my MG series or my next YA novel, but my brain was on fire with plotting. So there's a bit of progress there. YAY!

I've been keeping in touch with my wonderful new crit partner, Susan from Ink Spells. Check out her PROGRESS, too. She's a gem. And then there's Margo, over on Writing at High Altitude, who's helping us keep on task.

One final thought about Goal #2 ~ PICTURE BOOKS. I write in three areas: young adult, middle grade, and picture books. For me, writing picture books is just natural. I have four children and for years have created stories off the cuff to get them to sleep or to keep them quiet in the car. It never occured to me that I should actually write them down until I participated in Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo 2010. It was fantastic and totally revved me up to write PBs.

I'm making progress with a few stories and if you're interested you can take a peek at two of them HERE.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, never forget each new day brings new PROGRESS. I believe in you. 

What progress have you had recently??

Teeny splat: My kids are on spring break so I might not be able to blog all that much. Will miss you, but make sure to come back tomorrow. I'm hosting a giveaway of your choice!)


  1. Wow, you have been a busy girl. I have been working on the dreaded synopsis and query letter for my current ms. Yuck!

  2. I'm always amazed at how Productive you are. I got my two blog posts up, got questions done for another, and think I may have nailed the voice of my main character & 3 of her friends so that I can plow through the revisions of my one and only finished story. Have a great spring break.

  3. Honey you are a creative machine! I wish I had a toe in all of that. I can only ever finish 1 wip at a time and you have 3 going! You know I'm going to take a peek at your teasers.

  4. Keep up the great work, I mean progress! I'm in awe of anyone that writes PB's - they're so much like poetry I can't wrap my head around them. Go you! And thanks for sharing this piece of the journey with me!! :)

  5. It sounds like you're on a roll with some very worthwhile projects.

    Keep up the good work.

    This week. I'm querying my first m/g fantasy novel and fine tuning my y/a contemporary.

    I, too, have a picture book I'd like to do. I've never done one, but I do illustrate and I think it could be fun.

  6. I looked at your WIP page and I loved all the story blurbs. I'll check out your picture books next. So which YA are you working on right now? The Greek mythology urban fantasy one or the reformed fallen angel one?

    My YA is set in Greece at the end of the Roman Empire - historical fantasy - so it has a bit of Greek mythology too :)

    YAY for progress! and encouraging partners!

  7. Wow. It sounds like you've been making some major progress.
    I've been writing my query and synopsis for my current MS. I'm also finishing up some edits. I like to think it's moving along, but I never can tell till I reach the end. lol.

  8. I love writing picture books but I haven't let anyone else see them yet because I'm afraid they suck. I think some of my problem is that most of the other writers whose picture books I've read are for slightly older kids whereas mine are for 2-4 year olds. I feel like mine are too simple, too easy, not enough conflict, but is there supposed to be lot of conflict for 2 year olds?

    Write now, I'm trying to up my productivity but it's slow going. I'm so glad you're making so much progress!

  9. I love your picture book ideas. Totally cute!

    I'm in a weird overlapping mode. I'm querying one MS while working on another. My brain is doing a lot of flip-floppin!

  10. Not often does a fellow writer says "I believe in you". You don't know me and I don't know you BUT Thank You so much for writing that. :D

  11. Yay for progress!! I haven't made nearly as much as I would like.

    So cool you write all across kid lit. I've only tried my hand at YA and years ago PB.

  12. I am seriously impressed. I've tried writing PBs and can't do it to save my life. People who can cross over like that are amazing.

  13. my progress... I rewrote four chapters for editor. Rewrote my entire beginning to Runawys thanks to your help and some idea from Georgia who was actually talking about something else and I was like oh light bulb that's what I am missing! lol. so thank you Sheri.

  14. @ Michael - you should do it!!

    @ Margo - so glad you've joined us!

    @ Anne - TY!

    @ Carolina - TY!!

    @ Lisa GG - Aw...so nice of you to say.

    @ Roza - you know, girl, you are the bomb!!

  15. I have had great progress on my blog and only one week left in the semester yeah!!

  16. oh, yanno. Stuff. :D

    but ooo!!! You're working with SUSAN? What a great team!!! You guys both rock, and I can't wait to read all your books. ((hugs)) :o) xoxo

  17. WTG, Sheri! It sounds like you are making great progress!

  18. Hi Sheri - looking for the Easter Blog Hop as i clicked your name on the list that's to link us up & not here... are you still part of the hop?
    pls count this entry if you are as it's really hard when so many don't participate [to keep track of who is or isn't] and having to keep returning to check all of them ~ Yikes :) thx!

  19. Almost finished with my rewrite. That's progress. Now, if only I was happier with it.

  20. Does clearing my desk count? No, really, I did write this month--about 25,00 words, but words that seem to hang together. Love your Progress.


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