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Flutter of Luv Blog Tour & Giveaway!!

I knew taking off most of July and August from blogging was going to be tough; I luv chatting with all of you. So I'm grateful that my good friend, LM Preston, has given me the chance to do a bit of blogging today. She's celebrating the release of her short story FLUTTER OF LUV, and given me the opportunity to share my thoughts about the story with all of you!!

Plus, she's offering up a neat giveaway and exploring her luv of writing with a few remarks at the end, which makes this edition of Young Adult Teen Tuesday that much better. But first, I must announce the winners of my most recent giveaway!!

Entry #159 - Theresa B. WINS a copy of FADE
Entry #27 - Sarah N. WINS a copy of THE TURNING POINT: What Curiosity Kills
Entry #25 - Shelly WINS a copy of Allie Finkle's RULES FOR GIRLS
Entry #104 - Heather M. WINS a copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
Entry #150 - Jessie Harrell WINS a copy of SPECIALS
CONGRATS to the winners and thanks to all who left questions for my YA Expert Board! 

Title: Flutter of Luv
Author: LM Preston
Publisher: Phenomenal One Press
Released: June 2012
Format: ebook
Pages: 75

Description: Dawn, the neighborhood tomboy, is happy to be her best friend’s shadow. Acceptance comes from playing football after school with the guys on the block while hiding safely behind her glasses, braces, and boyish ways. But Tony moves in, becomes the star Running Back on her school’s football team, and changes her world and her view of herself forever.

This is a short story told in ten episodes similar to an anthology of short stories over the course of Dawn’s and Tony’s realization of how much they mean to one another.

I want to thank the author for providing me with a copy for review.


My Splats: This is an endearing story of learning to trust one's inner self, letting go, and giving in to that first love. Most of us can relate to the awkwardness that comes with those middle school years; some of us can relate to carrying those feelings as we continued to grow and mature throughout our high school years. 

I loved Dawn's flaws and how they eventually motivated and changed her from the inside out. Her emotions and reactions within her world felt real and moving. It wasn't a stretch at all for me to relate on a personal level, which drew me deeper into the story. Tony was interesting as well, especially the way he allowed for the sweet friendship to blossom and learned to trust in it. This provided for nice tension. 

It was an easy read, written in short episodes, which made for nice pacing.

What do I love about Writing

Writing. It is an escape of my own creation. When I first started writing, I believe I was around 11yrs old. The same age as my daughter. But before then, I used to play with my dolls and pretend to be someone different - someone who had the life I thought I wanted. When I didn’t have dolls with me to pretend with, I would ‘act’ out scenes in my head and even imitate characters. It was my way of entertaining myself when I was alone.

Now writing has even more of a powerful pull on my life. My day job is hectic and challenging - although I love it and do amazing things that I couldn’t have dreamt of being a part of - but in my head, the creative process doesn’t stop there. Writing allows me to be someone else, to recapture my youth, to become a villain, to be a superhero, to live in places that are out of this world, to get the guy I always wanted in high school and to just have a place that’s under my complete control.

It is a passion that pushes me beyond the boundaries of the world I live in and allows me to explore the unimaginable.

Twitter Party: Friday, July 27th, 5pm - 6pm, use hashtag #FlutterOfLuv and follow @Lm_Preston
Facebook Party: Saturday, July 28th,  12pm-9pm EST; Party on Event Page

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  1. Thanks Sheri for letting me drop in on your rockin' blog and share a bit about my writer's alter ego. I hope ya'll sign up for the give away I'll be dropping in here and there to send free gifts to those that post comments on each blog! :-D

  2. Hi, LM! Nice to see you here!
    I really like the idea of a story told in 10 episodes that resemble an anthology! It reminds me a bit of A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck! Good luck with your launch!

    1. I loved the episodes. Totally kept the story moving.

  3. This book sounds really interesting! I agree with Dianne: the format of 10 episodes sounds intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway as well. Very fun! :D

  4. Hey...we'll take bits and pieces of you anyday! I'm a raffled up! :)

  5. I wish LM Preston good luck with her book. I wont enter since I just won a book from you.

  6. This short story sounds like one I would really enjoy :D Best of luck to LM Preston and thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your reasons for writing, LM (especially getting the boy from high school).
    Stop by my blog on Thursday to learn more about this talented writer!!
    And thanks, Sheri, for the prize!

  8. Wow -- that is some HUGE giveaway you have going on here. Awesome!
    I loved reading about the romantic side of LM that's shown in her new book. Thanks for all the details, Sheri! :-)

  9. I am loving that premise! Hi LM!!! Off to look at the link for book...

  10. I've already read LM's book. You're in for a treat. Great giveaway. Congratulations and good luck.

  11. Writing really is an escape. Grats on the short story!


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