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MMGM Madness: Meet Finn!

What better way to celebrate the letter M than with 3 Ms: MMGM aka Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday!! It was created by Shannon Messenger to give middle grade reads the attention they deserve. If you'd like to see more MG books, click HERE to follow other participants. And in keeping with my A to Z Challenge theme of "What I've learned from Pinterest", take a peek at this LINK to see loads of more MG fun!

A few weeks back, I shared my thoughts on Finn Finnegan - an MG feisty adventure filled with action, mystery, and Celtic charge. 

I received such an awesome response that I invited Finn and his trainer, Gideon, to join us today!!

Welcome gentlemen!

Finn: Hello.
Gideon simply bows.

Give us a few deets on yourselves, if you would.

Finn: My name is Finnegan, but I go by Finn. I'm thirteen years old and just starting my apprenticeship with Gideon Lir. He's a Knight of the Tuatha De Danaan and he's teaching me how to hunt and kill goblins. And we live in Colorado, about sixty miles south of Denver. Okay, your turn, Gideon.
Gideon: Good morning, Ms. Larsen. As me apprentice said, we are Tuatha De Danaan or what ye might know as Fey. Although I dinna know ye mortals of the 21st century believed in our kind anymore. We hail from Ireland.

Dang, Gideon. I'd forgotten how awesome your accent is. And on that note, I've got to know. What do you really think of each other?

Finn: Gideon is a hard ass about---
Gideon: Mind yer tongue! Cheeky lad.
Finn: I'm not cheeky. I'm honest.
Gideon: Ye're a pain in the arse, is what ye are.
Finn: Aw, c'mon. You think I'm the best apprentice you ever had.
Gideon: Ye're the only apprentice I've ever had. 

Like I mentioned in my review, folks, these two have quite the understanding. ;-) I love it! Now, seeing how neither of you are being shy, care to share a quirk about yourselves? 

Finn: I have a really bad temper. But Gideon's teaching me how to control it. And even use it.
Gideon: I, too, am blessed with a fair share of the Celtic temper. But as the boyo said, 'tis bleedin' useful in a fight or battle.

What about domestic stuff, like eating?

Gideon: Why, I am partial to shepard's pie. Finn, like most boys his age, will eat anything. Except vegetables.
Finn: I eat vegetables, Gideon. I just don't---
Gideon: Only when I hold ye fast and stuff them down yer throat like a goose.
Finn: Yeah, right. Alleywalkers, there was your sneak peek into Finn and Gideon. 

Interested in getting to know them even better? Check out their awesome and oh, so sweet author Darby Karchut. She can be found on her Website & Blog. AND of course you can find the book on Amazon.

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Here are my co-minions:  Jay Noel
of course, Matt MacNish!!

SPLATTER ALERT: I'm on a family vacation until the 22nd, so I won't be surfing the blogosphere. I'll do my best to catch up when I return. Have fun!!


  1. Loved the interview. You can really get a feel for the characters.

    Have a great vacation, Sheri!

  2. Great interview! Love your new profile picture! So pretty.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

    1. Aw...thank you, Dani! It's still so dang cold up here in Maine. I am so jonsing for spring!!!!

  3. Love the character interviews. And thanks for the link back to my blog.

  4. Hi, Sheri, Hi, Darby ... nice to meet you.

    What a fun character interview. These two sound like a HOOT! Will drop by to say hi to you at your blog Darby in a sec.

    Hope you're having a good vacation, Sheri... What'did,ya think of that INSANE storm last night? It rocked here on the beach like crazy!

    Hope to see you sometime this week! Hope you're having great weather over there. Sunny overcast here.

  5. Happy Vacationing, Sheri! And thanks again for having Finn and Gideon visit today. I had a blast with this one! :-)

  6. Perfect way to celebrate 'M'!! :-)

  7. Great to see Darby's Finn and Gideon here today! Loved the book.

  8. Those seem like fun characters. Thanks for sharing the Middle Grade goodness with us!

  9. How awesome! I love this book and this "interview". This whole post is made of win:)

    1. That's so cool of you to say! And coming from the MG Ninja, even better!!!

  10. Gideon and Finn have quite the banter. Really enjoyed this interview :-)

    Make sure to have a wonderful vacation!

  11. Finn and Gideon's world sounds very interesting and they are great characters. Thanks for introducing me to them!

    I always know I'll find great books and posts on your blog. I nominated you for an award. Click here to learn more.

  12. Sounds like a great story! The characters seem to have an interesting relationship.

    Enjoy your time away, Sheri. :-)

  13. loved that you used MMGM for M! Not familiar with this book, I need to balance all my YA reads with more MG soon


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