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Wistful YA ~ CALL ME GRIM & Giveaway!

Wistful YA is my reoccurring spotlight, giving young adult literature center stage.


Before we meet the mastermind behind my next YA spotlight, can I just say what an awesome title CALL ME GRIM is? I just love it. And the book blurb totally rocks, too. Check it out: 

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CALL ME GRIM by Elizabeth Holloway

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Publisher: Month9books
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Pages: 250

Description: The truck should have turned Libbi Piper into a Libbi Pancake -- and it would have, too, if Aaron hadn't shown up and saved her life. The problem? Aaron's the local Grim Reaper... and he only saved Libbi's life because he needs someone to take over his job. Now, Libbi has two days to choose between dying like she was supposed to, or living a lonely life as Death Incarnate. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

And the choice goes from hard to sucktastic when her best friend shows up marked: condemned as a future murderer. Libbi could have an extra week to stop the murder and fix the mark... but only if she accepts Aaron's job as Reaper, trapping herself in her crappy town forever, invisible and inaudible to everyone except the newly dead. But, if she refuses? Her best friend is headed straight for Hell.

Ooh, so much conflict! And a BFF in danger.... Well, Elizabeth, sounds like you've created an intriguing and horrific-sort of read. Welcome to the Alleyway. Were you a reader as a child? 
As a young child, I wasn't much of a reader. My mom always had her nose stuck in a horror novel, but the covers were too scary for me, and kid's books didn't appeal to me. Then, around the tender age of twelve, I sucked up my fear and read one of my mother's books, Watchers by Dean Koontz, and I was hooked. Throughout middle and high school, I spent way more time than I care to admit reading books under my desk instead of paying attention in class.

What sparked your creative juices to write CALL ME GRIM?
The idea for CALL ME GRIM actually spawned from a novel I had already written. In that story there's a character who steals souls. This character lead me to think of Grim Reapers, who not so much steal souls, but remove them after death and escort them to the afterlife.
I started thinking about how crappy that job would be and Aaron was born. Aaron is a Grim Reaper who wants to quit his job and tries to recruit the protagonist, Libbi, to take over for him.

Gosh, I just love that. ((Hugs Aaron...)) Describe yourself using five fruits or vegetables, movies or TV shows, or a combination of both.
Nurse Jackie
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Walking Dead
Coffee and Cigarettes (minus the cigarettes)

O - kay, more verification where the GRIM idea came from. #snort You and I would so be able to watch movies together. 

Finally, what's your writing process like? 
When I first start developing a story, I put together a rough outline, usually consisting of at least the first half of the book and the ending. Then I sit down, with lots of chocolate (KitKat bars, for anyone interested ...) and coffee, and I write.

I write in order, starting from the beginning of the story and pushing through to the end. This style is sort of difficult when I hit a road block, but I can't seem to just skip a chapter or a scene, like some writers do. For some reason I feel it's necessary to pound my head against a wall for a few days to get over the block before I can continue. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment.

Once the story is out of my brain, I go back and revise. When it's as good as I can make it on my own, I send it off to my betas, agent, and editor. Then I sweat bullets waiting for their opinions. :-)

I can't thank you enough for joining us today, Elizabeth. It's been a pleasure. 

Elizabeth Holloway is a registered nurse living in Southern Pennsylvania with her two teen children, Bam-bam the dog, and Tinkerbell the cat. CALL ME GRIM is her first novel. She can be found 
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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Alleywalkers, what's the last hellish, creepy, or scary read you've digested? None? Then share one you might want to read. I'd love to hear! 
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  1. Best friend fated to commit murder? Now that's a great hook!

  2. Yeah, being a grim reaper would be kind of like being a furniture reposseser--people would be royally pissed off at you.
    I believe in outlining too! In the past I wasted a lot of time writing with no rudder.
    Good luck on the book release!

  3. That would be a crappy job.
    From Dusk to Dawn - is your book a little bit gory as well?
    Congratulations, Elizabeth!

  4. Well I am going to admit it, I am a cover gal. I love the cover art and it has my fingers itching to read it. Thank you for taking the time to share with us and for this treat of a giveaway. I don't think your list says we would get along just dandy :)

  5. Thank you for having me on your blog! It was a lot of fun! As for my list of movies/TV shows that describe myself, I must admit, I used the titles to tell the story of my life without regard to the content of the actual shows. So, I am a nurse (Nurse Jackie) that works night shift (From Dusk Til Dawn). I almost always feel like The Walking Dead and would not function without Chocolate and Coffee and Cigarettes (minus the cigarettes). But I like all of those movies and shows, so there's that. :-)

    1. You're so welcome! I loved having her here. Honestly, I wanted to read/review for you, too. But life was just to busy when I was asked, so I figured an interview would be the next best thing.

      I LOVE how you just described yourself through those shows! Too funny.

  6. Lots at stake in this one! Love the premise and the cover.

  7. I've never skipped a chapter or scene when drafting.

    I love the list of movies and shows she used to describe herself.

    Congrats, Elizabeth.

    1. Oh, so you draft from start to finish, no jumping around. I think I'm finally at that point.

  8. I've been eyeing this one and debating adding it to the list. I probably will.

    Last creepy read I loved? Ana Dressed in Blood. Man, that one's been on the list for FOREVER. It was about time. =)


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