Friday, September 30, 2016

The Secret Lives of Rock Stars by Suzanne Lazear

Don't judge a book by its cover. We've all heard that. And we shouldn't. May amazing works have bland or mediocre covers. On the flip-side,
sometimes you see a book cover and you're like "Ooh...I've got to check this out."

Between the cool blues and violets of the color palette and the message threading the premise I knew I just had to pick this read up. Let's give a Happy Book Birthday Week to Suzanne Lazear and her beautiful book!

The Secret Lives of Rockstars

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy/Elfpunk
Release Date: September 26th 2016
Publisher: Leap Books, Shine

Summary: Saving the world, one tour stop at a time.

Eighteen-year-old Bitsy Butler has never quite fit in, not with the dragons who raised her, the druid who took her in, or even with the non-human members of the cirque noir punk band she thinks of as family. Her chance to prove she can make it on her own comes with her band's first big solo tour. It’s all going according to plan when an angel walks into a bar and demands help with his demon problem. 

If she doesn't step up, a magical war will break out, threatening Arizona and all those who call it home. With the help of a human, a sexy dragon, and the members of her band, Bitsy must stop an angry mob of chaos demons before the band leaves for their next tour stop.

It’s nice to be needed, but Bitsy has no idea how to defeat the demons and she just might get herself killed trying. But then, at least one problem would be solved...
Fitting in doesn’t matter if you’re dead.

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About the Author
Suzanne Lazear spins tales of the fantastic. She’s the author of the New Adult Elfpunk The Secret Lives of Rockstars (Leap Books) and the YA dark fairytale steampunk series The Aether Chronicles (Flux). Suzanne lives in Southern California with her daughter and husband where she’s trying to make tiny dragons out of wool. One day she’ll actually create a working cupcake cannon.
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What's your take on Elfpunk? Ever heard of it? Ever read any elfpunk stories? Please share because I'm new to the genre, but it sounds so intriguing!
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  1. Beautiful, if I was judging a book by its cover thats a winner. The story blur is great too. I'm hooked. Congratulations.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  2. That is a really nice cover! I can't help it- I love a good cover. :)


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