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Cover Reveal! CAGED FIRE by L.M. Preston

One of the most exciting aspects of having an expectant book baby is seeing the cover design for the first time! And as a reader, I love this part, too.

Today, I'm here to help my wonderful author friend L.M. Preston share her cover for her next young adult novel for teens. And she has a surprise for you at the end of this post. Here's the cover:

Scroll please . . . 






TA - DAH!!!

I am beyond in LUV with the purple!
AND check out this animated version. Super cool!

CAGED FIRE: Vigilant, Book 2
Author: L.M. Preston
Publisher: Phenomenal One Press
Release Date: March 7, 2019
Pre-order NOW!


They say you can't run away from your problems. EmVee knew from experience it was true. She and her father tried to run, until the truth came and got them. Now with nothing to lose, she must confront the monster that changed her life forever. Unfortunately, she has to work with his best friend, Kayson who she is almost sure, isn't quite as nice as he seems. Kayson revealed not just why her father disappeared, but a new world of magicals that wanted the debt he left behind to be paid.
(Insatiable Darkness - Book 0, Caged Fire - Book 1, Unbreakable Darkness - Book 1.5)


LM is offering a 2 month long book immersion with characters and game exclusive events! To play, go here:

Here's your secret surprise: an excerpt

“Look kid, your father’s time is running cold. They are on to us, too many lives are at stake if either of you get caught.” Rocky handed her a thumb drive. “It’s a matter of your life and his death. He owes me, and I owe another a favor.”

“You give it to him,” EmVee replied evenly, checking her emotions and desire to punch the guy and run.

“No, this is where my road ends. Remember. Remember the name to nowhere and the code is your father’s real name. If you are his daughter. He would have told it to you, it’s a safe-word of sorts. I’m tired of running and they made sure I don’t have anything to run to. My son, he’s out there somewhere, and I’ll die taking the name of his safe-place with me. He’ll be free of them, both of them. Max and you have a chance. Don’t forget my name. It’ll mean something someday I hope. Run. Run now.” Rocky grasped her wrist, yanked it toward him, and placed the thumb drive in her hand.

EmVee looked at the drive, squeezed it in her palm.

Rocky tossed something in his mouth and pushed her back. “Look away, kid.” His body started convulsing. He groaned and collapsed, eyes open and staring towards the moon teased by dark clouds.

Sweat slid from under her drawn hoodie. Why’d he’d do it? They could’ve taken him to a hospital.

She glanced around quickly, then went for Rocky’s pockets. She reached in his jacket, flesh and entrails had spilled from his waist and into his coat. EmVee jerked back, shook her head a shaky sigh escaped her lips. She bit down on her lip and did what she had to do. In his jacket she found his cellphone and put it in her back pocket. His wallet she stuffed in the side pocket of her backpack. There was nothing else.

Putting her hand over her nose, swallowing back the tangy taste of vomit. She reached over and closed Rocky’s blue eyes. She’d never forget them.

Wishing L.M. all the luck in the world with this one! It sounds and looks amazing.

What's your favorite thing about book covers?


  1. I love the purple too. Congrats to L.M.!

  2. Ooo...I love the animation. Congrats on the gorgeous cover!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing :-D

  4. This is such an amazing cover! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Definitely and eye-catching cover! Love the title, too! All the best, L.M.!

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