Friday, December 17, 2010

Greedy Little Writers

I don't know about you, but I can official mark this holiday pre-season with the seal of FAIL. I am usually totally prepared. Honestly, Thanksgiving weekend is my Christmas decorating and wrapping time. This year I've been late with both.
My kids are getting older. I'm not sure if their age is what's robbing the spunk out of gift giving this season or the fact that one of their wanted items ranges anywhere from $200 to $1,000. Yeah, we're talking iPods, iPads, laptops, xBox360, PS3, small flat screens, and don't get me started on clothes. A pair of jeans for my seven year old should not cost $36 bucks. I'm sorry. He'll outgrow the stupid denim in two months.

AND my seventeen year old wears men's sizes, which is a great feat when it comes to new hockey skates. The model youth size he wore costs about $250 a pair. That same model in men's sizes costs $600. Then it's $200 for a new hockey stick--and in high school they break them...A LOT.  For you with little ones, just more reasons to bottle them up and keep them sweet and innocent.

So--and today is...what's the date???--the hubs and I still have no idea what we're getting the older three (Josh 17, Jake 14, Kate 12). CJ (7yr) is easier, not easy though. Having older siblings gives him an older mentality. He wants two xbox games at $70 a pop, a new bike, a laptop, and yeah, his own TV in his room. (NOT)

But all this got me to thinking about writing, like pretty much everything else in my life now. What about writer's gifts?? Well, I've put together a little list of Writer Have Want Gifts and Places That Have Them for you.

1) New laptop - Just Google that one. There were a million different sites and they are so user friendly. Plus, this cybertard got dizzy.

2) Magnets for inspiration. You can pick up with one at CafePress.

3) Mugs are great gifts. Like this one. It reads: WRITER ~ someone who gets paid to sit around all day drinking coffee and make stuff up.

4) What about a thinking cap?

5) There's always the mind-scrambling notepad to jot down your fantabulastic idea.

I hope this was helpful. Hey, why don't you print it out and give it to those wondering what a writer would like.

Even better, give it to your non-writer friends. HO-HO-HO-BACKSPACE....

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  1. LOVE that mug! I'm so gonna buy me one of those! LOL Have a great Xmas, Sheri!

  2. Love the gifts. I remember when the kids were little I could buy a mountain of stuff for $100. Now, I might be able to buy 2 video games for that price. So I feel your pain.

  3. I hear you on the Christmas presents! Buying Xboxes and iPods just isn't fun for the parent! It was a lot more fun to pick out playsets and action figures. Electronics are boring gifts for the giver. :(

  4. I hear ya on being behind. I still need to shop for my parents, hubs, and my brother. I'm just not feelin' it this year. Love the gifts for writers, I'll be printing that one out.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh god, It does get worse doesn't it? My girls are only 7,5, and 3. Not looking forward to the christmas where they all want designer clothes and cell phones:( Loved your writer's list!

  6. The writer hat made me think of CASTLE's bulletproof vest with the word WRITER on it. I want one of those!!! :)

  7. I can relate. My 8 yo wanted a 3D TV and was postive Santa would get it for him . . . until mommy reminded him Santa isn't impressed by boys whose moms' get phone calls from their school because of bad behavior. Now he's happy if Santa leaves him a candy cane. ;)

    My 11 yo's list was very short (especially compared to my 6 yo's list), but not exactly cheap (but a lot cheaper than a 3D TV at least).

    At least my list isn't bad. Books boooks books. ;)

  8. I want a thinking cap!!

    You know, after seeing how expensive kids are, I'm totally thinking about just sticking to dogs. As long as I buy them something fake that resembles a dead animal of some sort and a can of multi-colored tennis balls, I'm the Ish in their eyes.

  9. The price of kids clothes kill me. They rip a hole in them two minutes later. AAAAh!

    For gifts, I want one of those mugs that say, "Go away, I'm writing."

    Maybe people will take the hint, ha ha!

  10. ooo! Fantastic stuff--I want the magnet and the mug! LOL!

    I'm so behind, too. Tomorrow is my marathon shopping day. And... wait for it! It's forecasted to RAIN! Hooray!!!

    Merry Christmas, girl~ <3

  11. I love cafepress. I need a new laptop.

  12. I totally empathize with the kiddos wish list. Mine range from 6-13 and the wants get more expensive every year!

    Great writer ideas - love them! :-)

  13. Love the mug. And the hat, I really want that hat.

    Yes, I wish my little ones would stop growing. Anthony's 4 months already! I can't believe it, I swear he just popped out yesterday. TMI, I know, sorry.

  14. It's amazing how expensive things are getting for kids! Yikes! I love your writerly gift ideas. I've also found some really awesome ones on the Scribblerati network.

  15. I'm liking that notebook. It's cute and I fill them up so fast...

    Good luck with your Xmas shopping!!

  16. Wow, you are a nice mom. I give my older kids a limit of $300 a piece. Hence why my oldest son is getting an ipod touch (which I got on sale) and the remaining amount in an itunes gift card. My daughter wanted a guitar and karaoke player with the ability to use her ipod (which her brother is giving her since he is getting a new one.) Since giving a $ limit my kids have become rather conservative in their choices.

  17. Love that notepad!

    I actually have a magnet set I bought to inspire myself earlier this year. The magnets say, "Dream It," "Wish It," "Believe It," "Do It." I hung them where I saw them every day. It became my mantra. I think they worked :)

  18. Whew, I'm so glad I don't have to shop for my daughters anymore and try to figure out what they want. (They're outta the nest and I give them $, now LOL). Anyway, a great list of items for a writer!

  19. The writer's gifts are fun. Love the magnet!!

    and, I agree, the older the kids, the more expensive their gifts. It's killer. Good luck. xoxo

  20. I hear you. My kids seem to love putting impossible items on their wish lists. Typically they get one "big" (a decidedly relative term) gift and some other, smaller ones. Big does not equal iPad or laptop or piano. I guess they're just being optimistic.

  21. Yeah, it's a hard time of year for a lot of people. It's become so expensive that many have just stopped giving gifts all together.

    You have some wonderful gifts for writers there.

  22. I am completely not done with shopping. Will spend tons of $ due to tardiness.

  23. I love that notebook. I hear you on the COST of Christmas. Sigh.

  24. Sheri, loved the mug, too! Have a Merry Christmas!


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