Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Holiday Blogfest!!

If any of you visited me on Monday you discovered I'd screwed up. Yup, mom/wife/taxi driver/cook/maid/laundry service/teacher....aren't any of you going to stop me???

Yeah, I wouldn't either. Let me stew in my own broth while you get a chuckle. You're welcome for the laugh.

Well, at the beginning of the month, the wonderful Christine over on Christine's Journey came up with a fabulous idea for a blogfest. Each participant was to post around 250ish words dealing with a season/holiday. I'm late to the party but I'm now bucking up and posting.

The segment I've chosen is actually from MARKED BEAUTY. It's the opening of a scene. Pretty self-explanatory.

It came down in fluff balls. White, creamy, scatters of frozen water coated the earth’s outer layer like New York cheesecake, not to mention every warm body scuttling the grounds.

“Snowball fight!”

Students stormed the center of campus stuffing their pockets, backpacks, and even wide-mouthed, soda bottles with snow. Warmed by hands, it transformed into the best buckshot slush ever. By the end of the war games, most of the snow was packed to the pavement. A family of snowmen had been butchered, and a gang of snow dudes had been stabbed to death with icicles. The campus had snow bomb splatter on every bench, tree, brick building, and car; there were a few ticked off drivers.

Masses lined inside the dining hall waiting for hot chocolate. The gang and I headed for the cozier and more hip atmosphere of McGregor’s Lounge, where lights flashed and music cranked. For the weekends, a DJ mixed up the tunes in hopes to keep us on campus; on occasion, a live band played. Weekday nights, a student ran the musical montage for a few hours. Bar tables in all shapes sketched a scattered pattern over the floor with a cushioned seating area by the back windows. Oak tabletops lined the outer walls with backless stools tucked underneath. Foosball and ping-pong tables were to the right of the wooden dance floor; those got plenty of use.

Viktor’s group sat in the corner by a large window. The sun’s glare off the newly-fallen snow tinted their auras lighter shades, except for his which seemed to glow. I chastised myself and tried to tame my eyes, but he wore those darned sunglasses, looking like some bad boy detective hunting his criminal.

Finn moaned as Sara’s warm hands cupped his face and melted away his chill. "Can't believe it snowed this early. We'll probably be buried by Christmas."

Thanks for reading, guys. AND if you already haven't, please take a gander back over to Christine's blog and check out the other wonderful writers who participated...yes, two days ago, I know. Mark this as just another one for Sher's record books. LOL


  1. Great post. I love the cheesecake analogy. You're almost making me like winter. Almost. If it'd get up into the mid 20's I'd be okay. Thanks for sharing part of your manuscript.

  2. I could feel that snow. Thanks so much for participating. No worries on being late. Loved this piece. I would love to read more.
    You rock.
    Have a great day!

  3. Okay, now I want to read the book. :D

    But I knew that after I read the synopsis.

    Btw, today's the last day to enter the Harlequin Challenge (hint hint). ;)

  4. We all screw up. Some of us (like me) more so than others.

    I really like the paragraph describing the aftermath of the snowfight. The term "snow bomb splatter" is kick ass!

  5. Um, I want to go to this lounge! And have an epic snow bomb fight. Such great descriptions!

  6. I remember reading that scene! Oh, what fond memories...

  7. Wow, this was just wow. Loved it. The analogys and descriptions were so real. Loved it! (I know I said that already but it was worth repeating)

  8. I liked this a LOT!!!

    New York Cheesecake---yummmmmm! :D

  9. I love "buckshot slush". Great imagery!

  10. You almost make me like snow. Almost.

  11. awe, I loved it! Really felt like I was there and def. in the holiday spirit. Great job! and from one frazzled mom to another, don't sweat it!

  12. GOOD stuff, girlie-- I could picture it and I love your analogies (esp. new york cheesecake). And now I need him to remove those bad boy shades ;-)

  13. Love the voice! (and the cheesecake) My frazzle setting is on maximum too. Hang in there!

  14. This is visually beautiful! I love your use of description and I felt for the character right away. Bravo!

  15. Wow! You guys are like a major dose of vitamin confidence!! Thank you for reading and your amazing comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it, now...let's hope you'll be reading the entire novel between the a hardcover in the near future. ";-) I can't wait for you all to read the story!

  16. Hope you're right about seeing your book between a hardcover in the near future. Heck, even a soft cover might be okay.

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