Monday, December 20, 2010

Lil'Devil Turns 14

He crawls on hands and knees, quietly casing the room. The door closes behind him, left just ajar...just in case. Slowly, he stalks the crib, knowing what lies inside. The smell, the softness, the lull of each baby breath lures him nearer. A plush stuffed elephant catches his eyes. The gray color is just as he remembers it, one ear flapping over. Reaching for it, he flicks the trunk and grunts, irritated. It's all too familiar. He presses on.

The wood of the crib is solid. A stable place for a babe to lay her would think. His stubby fingers cling to one post. He pulls himself to stand just enough to see the snuggled image before him. The wave off his eyelashes is faint, but his blue eyes sparkle, deviously ready to strike. His thick lips pull into a grin. His tongue rolls out like a shade, draping over his bottom lip. He sputters. Saliva pools in his mouth. Speckles of spit pepper his cheeks and outstretched arm. Excited, he accidentally shakes the crib. The teeny lump under the blanket stirs. He squawks. And to his delight, the baby cries.

Out of nowhere, long slender fingers attached to strong hands lift him off the carpet. His chubby legs dangle in midair, the scintillating blue of his eyes now fading to a pale fear as they peer into the unexpected abyss of Mommy's big, scary, and angry blue eyes.

Oops, she caught me waking up baby sissy, Kate. Crud, Jake thinks as Mommy's lips flutter up and down, saying words he doesn't understand...but he just heard earlier this morning.

Did I get'chya???

Summer '10
We celebrated child #2's 14th Birthday yesterday. It's still amazing to me that he's grown so old. He came into this world at 2:02 in the morning like a lion and has never stopped roaring. He's full of life and ambition, and has a loyal heart just like his dad. As much as he's tested me, he's made me laugh...and made me proud.

So here's a flashback of my devious little boy.

Can U C it in his eyes?
Big brother Josh giving advice, "Mom said
'No touch, Jakie.'"

Caught again...
OH, yes, she see's me...I'm
touching it anyway.
Does she see me?
Did mommy say to stop jumping
on this book that makes noise or 

jump more?? I'll go for more...

IT's hard to make his b-day special. 
Always feels like we rush it, being six
days before Christmas.

I wanted him to know that every moment
he's given us has been noticed, and yes...
ARCHIVED! *Mom winks, thinking of
senior video material in five years because
he's given Mom plenty.*

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to my Magical, Mystical, Mischievous boy who lights up everyday with his grin cocked to the side, his challenging glares, and his teasing taunts. Oh yeah, and thanks for all my gray hairs!

Love Mom.

So tell me. Do any of you have children or close relations with birthdays close to a holiday? How do you manage to make it special?
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  1. Awww, he's a cutie! I too feel the same when I look at my now 16yr old who is starting to drive and act like he's my parent instead of the other way around, lol! Tell him Happy Birthday for me too :-D

  2. What adorable pictures! Both my kiddos were born in August so we have to compete with back to school. I guess it eases the pain of their summer being over!

    Hope your son had a great birthday!

  3. Too cute. Hope he has a wonderful birthday.
    Have fun and happy holidays.

  4. Cute pictures. Hope he has a great day. I don't have anyone with a birthday so close to the holidays.

  5. As you know, my oldest had he birthday a week ago. We try to keep his birthday and Christmas separate by not putting up the decorations until after his birthday. Okay, seriously I don't think it makes a difference to him (my husband just doesn't like getting the tree too early). Of course he doesn't get the really cool presents until Christmas, but he's okay with that.

  6. I love the pictures - thanks for sharing them with us. My child #2 - the only boy - will turn 14 in July. My sister's birthday is December 26, and she's always downplayed birthdays - probably from hers being overshadowed by Christmas all her life.

  7. Happy birthday to your big guy! My oldest has a birthday only a week after Christmas! So I can relate. It's tough to make it special, to do all the planning. But you've done a lovely job with a birthday post. What a cute little man he was. And what a handsome young man he is now. Where does the time go?

  8. Happy Birthday!!! He is quite adorable.

  9. You are such a great mama! This was a wonderful tribute to your little athlete - happy birthday!! :-)

  10. Oh, Happy Birthday to Jake!!! I LOVE those baby pictures! mmr mmr mmr---eat him up! :D They actually remind me of how my oldest was--slipping around getting into stuff. But always grinning! :D

    Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas! <3

  11. I loved it!! Well done from the baby's perspective. And happy birthday!! Congratulations on your lion. :D

  12. Those are such a lovely photos and Happy Birthday:)
    Kisses and enjoy your day

  13. Happy birthday to your son! This post really got my memory banks activated. My kids are all older now, but images of the five of them are flooding my head...
    very nice post!

  14. Happy birthday, Jake! Cute baby :)

  15. A BIG happy birthday to your son. 14!! Yes, my daughter's birthday is Dec. 14, and that's close enough. It was kinda nice, buying EVERYthing at once, and taking advantage of Christmas sales for her birthday, too. LOL

  16. Happy Birthday to the kiddo. My son's 14 as well.

    My family has a ton of B days in December--both my parents, my FIL & step FIL and myself (Today, actually, lol--how's that for coincidence?)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  17. *sniffle* that was lovely!!!!!! And adorable!

  18. Loved the little story. Gorgeous pictures, what a cutie! Happy birthday to him!

  19. Happy 14th birthday!! What a super fun day! What an awesome shout out in his honor!


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