Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sinister Surprise Got My Progress

I've been thinking a lot lately, about how crazy life gets sometimes. Just when you think you've got it all covered, a surprise is waiting for you around the next corner. Sinister Surprise is a pesky little bugger, peering at you from the shadows, waiting and anticipating the worse time to strike.

Take this past weekend, for instance.

Friday, the daughter and I did the whole sleuthing for a gown thing, going about our day, never suspecting anything array. We returned home after fourteen hours of being on the road, where we giggled a ton but also expended a ton of energy.

So I'm thinking Saturday would be for resting, catching up on my picture book ideas, and writing the next few chapters of my newest YA novel.


Sinister Surprise had other things in mind. FLEAS. 

Our little itty-bitty doggie had fleas!! Now, fleas do not affect me the way Sp_ _ _ _ s do. (Fill in the blanks, please.) But fleas are a totally pain in the butt. 

Have your animals ever been hit by Sinister Surprise??? What did you do? And even better, have you ever used something so pesky to irritate one of your characters?

I do have two cool things to report. 

1.) A few of you already know this, but I haven't mentioned it here yet. One of my short stories is coming out in a book this month!! A REAL BOOK! Too cool. The book is all about love, of all topics, and is being published by Pill Hill Press. As soon as I get the date, cover, and other info, I'll let you know!!

2.) I did find a gown. I didn't purchase it yet because I wanted the hubby to see it first. And for those of you who asked for a picture - do you know that these specialty gown shops/boutiques don't allow picture taking?? I learned something new on Friday.

Lastly, I want to give a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
to my 4th kiddo, CJ, who turns the big 8 years old today! 

Mommy HEARTS you more than words. :)


  1. Happy birthday to your son, and congrats on your story!!!

    I've heard what a pain fleas are - so sorry to hear about your sinister surprise!

  2. URGH! I hate fleas! We got them when one of our kitties was adopted and she gave them to the other cat before we realized. Giving cats baths is among the most difficult things you can do, but that's what we had to do.

    I think the dog go them too, at one point--we had to put all his bedding and such in plastic bags. Somehow the cat escaped that round.

    Congrats on your story!!! That's great news!

  3. Congrats on the publication. Awesome! And Happy Birthday to your son!

  4. Congrats on the story!!

    So sorry to hear about the fleas! We had that happen once. Ever since, Jezebel (our Lab) gets her monthly treatment of Advantix.

  5. Happy birthday to your son!

    And congrats on the story!

    Ugh, fleas. Nasty little buggers.

  6. I hate when I make plans and then life gets the best of me. But, glad you made it through. I also want to say I just love your photo, you're a really beautiful writer.

  7. Lots-o-(((hugs))) to you, Sheri. I seem to have sinister surprises happening a little more often than I care to deal with, so I know the feeling :-(
    On a happier note, congrats on the publication!!!! And HB to your son.

  8. I'm SO HAPPY you found a gown. I felt so bad for you. :)

    And happy birthday to your darling boy!

  9. Thank you, everyone, for the congrats on the story being published. I was so excited when it first happened, but that was a few weeks ago. How quickly we need more excitement. lol Guess I better get busy making some. And thanks for wishing CJ a Happy Birthday. He's our fourth and last little guy. This one kind of hits home.

    Clarissa - that is such a nice thing to say. Thank you.

    Shannon - I know!!! Thx!!

  10. Congrats on the publication! I've had mites on my dogs, but never fleas. I hear they can inhabit carpets and stuff -- not nice! I keep them away by regularly Spotlining the pooches. I believe that kills the fleas, or at least disrupts their reproductive cycle?

    Also, soak the dog in salt water (maybe take it for a swim on the beach). High salt concentration kills mites, so maybe it would work for fleas too?

  11. Happy birthday to your kiddo!

    Congratulations on being published. :) A book no less! WTG!

    Bummer about the fleas...

  12. J.C. - thank you!! I wish salt water/ocean was an option. It's a bit chilly where I live, right now. lol

    Sharon - You are too sweet. I appreciate the nice words. :)

  13. Dude, so many things to comment on - where to start? First, congrats on the book! :) Second, I can't wait to see the gown (I also didn't know you couldn't take pics) and finally, Happy Bday to CJ. His Halloween make up was awesome, at least I hope it was Halloween make up. <3

  14. Fleas?! Ack! I've never had a pet with fleas. I hope they are easy to get rid of.

    Congrats on your short story! That is so cool!

  15. Happy birthday to CJ! And gown shopping sounds like so much fun. Bummer about the fleas! I'm extremely lucky to live in an area that is way too dry and hot/cold for fleas to survive. We don't have them. How awesome is that?!

  16. Congrats on getting your short story published! :) #majorcoolness And Happy Birthday CJ! :)


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