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Daemons in the Mist Tour~Meet the Characters GIVEAWAYS!

Meet Nualla - quiet teenage girl, aloof, beautiful, mysterious. Then there's Patrick - the boy who has always admired Nualla from afar; and has few friends and from a normal family.
Isn't this gorgeous?
And from Author Alicia Kat Dillman's tour banner, it's pretty obvious that they change throughout the course of their story. So let's give Nualla and Patrick a warm Alleyway welcome! 
*Muffled hellos, hi's, and welcomes ... oh, and a faint what'sup?

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Hi Patrick, Nualla. Feel free to tell the audience a bit about yourselves.

Patrick: Gods, where do I even start? Okay, so basically I was this normal geeky guy who, let’s just say it, I had a slightly unhealthy infatuation with this girl, who basically didn’t even know I existed. [What? You know it’s totally true.] But it all worked out in the end because I ran off on this trip to Vegas with her and we accidentally got married and… Wait, that came out wrong… Um well… I think I’ll just stop talking now.

Nualla: Oh me, I’m totally not human. I may look human to you, but your eyes are lying to you. [What? Kat said she was cool. I mean we’re not exactly allowed to talk about what we are, but it’s not like anyone outside this room will ever know, right?] So yeah, I’m a Kalodaemon. You’d be surprised how many of us there are, especially in The City. [Well, obviously she knows I mean San Francisco when I say The City, Patrick. Where else would she think I meant?]

Fun facts, 'cause I'm just weird like that: What’s your favorite ice cream?

Nualla: Coffee or any coffee-like flavor.
Patrick: Pumpkin. [What? It’s a great flavor.]
Nualla: You are so weird.

Do you like to read? If so, what?

Patrick: Not as much as Beatrice seems to, but mainly I read manga and art magazines. Or I did until I started dating Nualla. My life is a little… crazy at the moment.

Nualla: I mainly read Kalodaemon fiction. Human books… uh do blog posts and twitter count as reading?

Patrick, Nualla mentioned coffee. What about coffee?

Patrick: Okay, I like coffee as much as anyone, but Nualla and the others well, they have this crazy obsession with it.
Nualla: It’s not crazy, it’s perfectly natural.
Patrick: You’re telling me drinking copious amounts of coffee is a normal daemons thing?
Nualla: No Patrick, I was just screwing with you.
Patrick: That’s what I—Oh you were being sarcastic just now, weren’t you?
Nualla: Yeah.
Patrick: So the coffee thing…
Nualla: Totally normal.
Patrick: Great.
Nualla: Patrick, why else would there be so many coffee shops in The City?
Patrick: People really really like coffee?

So Patrick, what was it like admiring Nualla from afar and then to suddenly have her notice you?

Okay I’d like to say it was all cool but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I totally freaked out, alone, in my room, where no one could— and I totally just admitted that to the world just now didn’t I? Crap.

         What was it about Nualla that drew you to her?

I… I don’t know exactly. The first time I saw her it was like well, like someone took a crossbow to my chest. I mean she’s freakin’ gorgeous and all, but well, I don’t know, I was just drawn to her. I really can’t explain it. There was something in me that just couldn’t seem to let her go all those years.

Nualla, Did it surprise you how easily you warmed up to Patrick? What made him different?

Well, he was like way cute and oh, those eyes of his are gorgeous. I’ve always been kind of a sucker for dark eyes. [Yes Patrick, Travis does have dark eyes, and no we are not talking about that… ever.] But [cough] there was something gentle and vulnerable about him that just kinda drew me in. And I’m not saying he’s weak or anything, I mean he did stand up to Michael and everything, and well, it was probably because he didn’t want to be with me to possess me or raise his status in the eyes of others. He wanted to be with me just because I was me. It was like he could always see me, the real me. The me I always had to hide before. And with him there was no longer a reason to hide.

How strange was it for you, Patrick, to hang out with Nualla and her friends that first time?

I’m gonna try not to sound like a terrible teen movie here but, when the cool kids suddenly decide they want to hang out with you, you just go with it. I mean sure my brain was telling me, ‘Oh God Patrick, you are so going to screw this up.’  While the other part of my brain was screaming, ‘Who the hell cares? You’re hanging out with Nualla freakin Galathea! Just shut and do what ever they do.’
Nualla: Gods Patrick, is that seriously what it’s like in your head all the time?
Patrick: Yeah, pretty much.
Nualla: Geez that must be exhausting.
Patrick: I’m kinda used to it.

Patrick, what did you really think about the early fact that certain kids didn't notice you at school over the past three years?

You know I hadn’t thought about it until now, but now that you mention it, okay at first it was a little weird. But I guess I just forgot about it after Nualla. [Okay that sounds lame but in my defense she was a huge distraction. Which--I’m gonna regret saying in about five seconds.]

Nualla, do you find it difficult melding your world into the mortal world? What about isolating?

Oh, this suddenly got all serious and stuff. Um… well, of course it is, you have to hide what you are all the time. Lie to everyone you will ever met. No one will ever know the real you, just the mask you have to wear every day. You’re basically a ghost; just enough online to seem normal, nothing more. It sucks big time. But it’s what I am, and well, sometimes you find people you can share it with.

           Were you surprised about the connection between Patrick and your close family friend, Travis?

Completely and totally shocked. Seriously would never have guessed that in a million years. And boy does it complicate--like everything.

P & N - So, what's up with this whole marrying business? Strange for seniors, isn't it?

Nualla: One, I was really drunk. Two, Kalodaemon Law isn’t exactly flexible on this. Three, well, don’t make decisions when you’re drunk because I’m sure I had a one in a million chance of this not sucking. Lucky for me I got stuck with someone who’s… [Okay maybe stuck with is a bad choice of words.]

Patrick: Okay I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, seriously Connor has already beaten this discussion to death. But let me just say when the universe hands you exactly what you’ve always been asking for who in their right mind would say no? I mean seriously, saying, “No Universe I don’t want this,” is like saying, “Hey Universe, come hit me with a bus now,” or something. You don’t say no, you never say no, you grab hold of it and hold on for dear life.

Your family seems really supportive, Nualla, where Patrick's isn't. How did that make you feel?

Oh, don’t even get me started on them. His parents have got to be some of the most neglectful people I have ever known. They leave him alone for days, weeks on end. And when they were actually there, they’re not really there. My family on the other hand is—
Patrick: Awesome.
Nualla: Well, besides Andraya.
Patrick: Oh come on, she’s not so bad.
Nualla: Patrick she hates you.
Patrick: at least she acts like I even exist. [And no I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about them.]

Patrick, did it feel strange having to trust in Nualla's daemon family?

At first it was weird, sure, but they’re all such great people. I mean even Andraya has her moments. I guess I’m just more used to friend’s families caring more about me than my own. I mean I think I’ve seen Connor’s mother more times in the last four years than my own.

P&N - You definitely had some major hurdles to leap over for your story to move forward together. What was the toughest for each of you?

Patrick: Toughest? Not having a nervous breakdown over the last few months. Oh, and having to keep things from Connor. The fact that there are now parts of my life I just can’t share with him, it’s—hard.

Nualla: Just loving Patrick at all, really. [Don’t give me that look, just let me finish, okay.] I’ve never regretted what happened for a second, it’s just the fact that someone could be so important that losing them could destroy you. The fact that something, that anything could have this much power over you, is terrifying. Realizing that, that absolute vulnerability, was really hard for me. [Now aren’t you glad you let me finish? Yes, I love you too.]

Thanks again for stopping by!

Patrick: No problem.
Nualla: Wait you said ‘world’ earlier, didn’t you?
Patrick: Um yeah, they’ve been recording this whole time. Wait, you mean you didn’t notice?
Nualla: Oh gods, we are so frakked.

About Alicia Kat Dillman
Indie author & illustrator Alicia Kat Dillman is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Kat illustrates and designs book covers & computer game art by day and writes teen fiction by night. The owner of two very crazy studio cats and nine overfull bookcases, Kat can usually be found performing, watching anime or hanging out in twitter chats when not playing in the imaginary worlds within her head. 

I've added Kat's signature here. I just love it: =^.^= Alicia Kat Dillman Creative Director of KatGirl Studio. Find her at Kat Girl Studio, Twitter, Facebook Studio Page, Facebook Author Page, Google +.

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