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Wistful YA Wednesday ~ Summer Day

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Today's feature hosts Summer Day, the author of Pride & Princesses, Wuthering Nights and Anne Eyre - modern YA novels inspired by classics.

OMGosh!!! If you know me you know that I am a major FANGIRL for those classics, especially P&P.

Welcome Summer, it's a pleasure to have you and your books here. What inspired you to write these stories?

Oh, high school drama and the novels of Jane Austen! Boring answer, but true.
Thus far, you've written these three novels as well as newly released novelas. Tantalize us with a peek at your characters and world from the first novel Pride & Princesses.

Pride & Princesses is about two teen girls who live in the fictional town of Sunrise (near Beverly Hills and Bel Air). Phoebe and Mouche invent a dating game to impress the hot new boys in town, Mark and Jet. I really like Phoebe and Mouche. They are best friends forever and most of us relate to their search for high school happiness!

This is not a retelling of Pride and Prejudice but a few scenes in the novel were inspired by that classic story! Pride & Princesses is an original novel for young adults.

Description: When handsome Mark Knightly arrives at Sunrise High School, Phoebe and Mouche (Best Friends Forever), invent a dating game to impress him with surprising results. Inspired by 'Pride and Prejudice' with a dash of 'Emma', Pride & Princesses is a story about family, friendship and first love.

Care to share a quirk about Summer the writer?

I'm a cupcake maker. :-D


Any method to your process of developing ideas? 

Imagination, inspiration, hard work, fab music - generally movie soundtracks, good tea & excellent coffee!

Let me now share the other two books in this collection:
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And here's a few other works Summer has recently released: 

Teenage Fairy Tales: A collection includes Bella Cinderella, Snow Bright and The Magic Mermaid. The individual stories are inspired by classic fairy tales. Inter-connected in one volume they form the wider story of the high school Tournament of Skills between Sloane Select and Venice Beach High Schools. 

When Julissa (Jewel) Bella goes to stay with her wicked, vampirical stepfamily she meets an Italian aristocrat named Marco and a shy guy named Riff, but which one is the Prince? In this non-traditional fairy tale inspired by Cinderella, not everything is as we expect.

What would you do if the love of your life left then returned years later? Parted as teenagers and reconnecting as young adults in the tiny seaside town of Wentworth, Ben and Jane must decide if true love really waits. TRULY is a modern, teen romance inspired by the classic novel, Persuasion.

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Feel free to visit Summer on her Blog and Twitter. She'd love to chat with you!

Do you have a favorite classic? How has it inspired your life or writing?

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  1. These sound like fun reads. Good luck to Summer.

  2. I love reading modern day interpretation of fairy tales! they're fun and well... modern!
    A great interview. and of course soundtracks help writing, they're the cream of music!

  3. Wow - Summer sure is prolific! Look at all those novels and novellas. I wish her great success with her new book PRIDE & PRINCESSES. :-)

  4. Love those writing methods. ;) Very cool that these classics have inspired brand new YA novels.

  5. Books and movies inspired by classics can be so much fun to read.

  6. I love these titles!

    Sheri, did you get my email yesterday? Just want to make sure it went through.

  7. Wow, these all look like wicked fun reads :)

  8. I love that she made stories based on the classics. Nice!

  9. Brave she took on the classics like that!

  10. Spin on classics are popular right now.

  11. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing.

  12. HI, Sheri, Hi, Summer,

    What a fun premise. These are some of my classic favs and to put a spin on them is genius. Congrats SUMMER!

    Sheri, thanks so much for featuring Summer. You are so kind to host so many imaginative and exciting authors.

  13. New twists on Wuthering Heights can be really fun. Best of luck with it, Summer!

  14. Those books sound like so fun! I adore all the originals. Thanks Sheri and Summer!


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