Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunshine Award!

Wow, when I first started blogging only two months ago I felt lost in the sea of multi-legged super peeps who I was sure all had superpowers. I was but a newbie, standing still. But since then, I've spread my wings a tad and welcomed new doors. It's been amazing. 

And here's another reason why: The awesome Carolyn V. of the fantabulous Checkerboard Squares blog has given me an award. ME. 

Ah...she's sent me the Sunshine Award!! (And God knows we could use some of that up in the lobstah state at the moment. Dang, it's been raining *shaking my head* no, pouring for four dank days. Brighter side, Sher. Okay, it's not snow.

So here's the deal. I need to pick five amazing followers, write something fake about each, and link back to her blog. Here goes:

Marcy - She invited me to share in her favorite pastime: fly fishing. Hah! High-water, rubber pants are not attractive on me. Ugh...

Candyland - We were in a Rock Band challenge and you should have seen us jamming. I was BAM! on the drums while she hovered over the stage, fingers blazen out a few riffs on the geetar.

Rhiannon -- Don't ever ask her to play you in a game of tennis. Yikes. I'm still recovering. She played in her point shoes.

Jessie -- The most amazing pancake maker ever! She shared her 'secret receipe' with me when we hosted a benefit breakfast for the local basketball team. Hey, don't ask. Can't tell you. Been sworn to secrecy. 

Ann Marie -- Ann's a tad far away from me--a few countries removed, actually--but we've got this chat thing going. KIC2--keep it coming chat. Once you start on the chat screen, mustn't stop--no matter what!! Give it a try. (Psst...exhausting, and I have my kids do it for me. Hee, hee. you're sworn to secrecy.) 

Okay, so there you have them. I really had to think, and I hope all can read with a smile and a grin. Pay It Back...I won't mind. Thanks to my followers as well. You all are amazing, and I feel so blessed that you've chosen to be a part of my journey. Thanks.



  1. Woo hoo Sheri! (It's snowing here, so a little sunshine would be good!) I'm glad you like the award, and excellent choices on the passing them on! =)

  2. how funny! I actually have a fly-fishing rod, if you can believe it. Hah!

  3. C, back atchya'. Carolyn =). Marcy, I suspected you might. How funny.

  4. Yoo - hoo!!!
    Ann Marie may be a few countries removed.... but you know the deal with cyber're just a CLICK away............
    OOOOhhh You Sweetie Pie You!!

  5. Thanks for taking a peek, Shelli. Just changed the blog. I think I like it.

    Ann Marie, you are too funny. We should think of something, paten it. ";-)

  6. Mmmm Sweetie Pie....why don't we do a funny blog together and PATENT it..we could be like a duo - team. BEAUTY and The Beastie ( me the latter)....or Little and Large (me the latter agan)...Shrek and Fiona... (ME the latter this TIME!)....The American Beauty and Prim and Proper COULD be huge and we are BOTH CHOCOHOLICS Phew....hey girlfriend whadaya think???
    Loads of people keep clicking on my blog profile and asking me where my blog is...but....der..I'm computer ILLITERATE so maybe need to team up with a tech. geek....I'll clean the toilets instead...HUH??

  7. Ann, you are too funny. You have a point, too. Let me think about it. Come up with some sort of a plan and I just may jump on board. (Off to Boston right now. g2g!!)

  8. Haha! Thanks Sheri! It's been awesome working with you. I feel like I've learned a lot and expanded my writing skills!
    Thank you girl!


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