Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Must See YA Boxset ~ Wielder's Storm Trilogy!

I've been less than a blogger over the past year, and that's being generous. But that's a post for another time. Today, I have exciting news for you. Our very own Lynda R. Young aka Elle Cardy just released the most gorgeous boxset of her trilogy Wielder's Storm! 

Let's take a peek . . .

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Whoa . . . I normally don't include an image this large in my posts, but I had to. Doesn't the cover hold an urgency about it that makes you just have to read?!

Here's the description:

The Wielder's Storm Trilogy is an action-packed epic fantasy that will sweep you across the high seas on a thrilling adventure full of exciting twists.

 This complete box set contains Wielder’s Prize, Wielder’s Curse and Wielder’s Fire.

Wielder’s Prize
Snatched for what she isn’t. Hunted for what she is.
Despite having an abusive cook as a father, Jasmine wouldn’t change her life on the high seas for anything—until that life is shattered. When she’s snatched from the only home she’s ever known and forced to crew a different ship, she learns a terrible truth. She is an untrained magic wielder who is a threat to everyone if she can’t control her power. But she’s not the only out-of-control wielder on the high seas, and the secret of that wielder could change everything she thought she knew—if she can survive.

Wielder’s Curse
A dark vision. A dangerous curse. A fierce girl caught in between.
Jasmine thought her adventures were over, but terrifying visions continue to haunt her.  When a loved one’s life is threatened, she risks everything to hunt down the would-be assassin. What she finds is not what she expected. Too late, she realizes she’s endangered the ship and crew. On the run, she is pursued across the high seas to an unknown land. If she can’t master her power, she won’t be able to protect anyone. If she can’t accept help, then she could turn into something worse than the thing that hunts her.

Wielder’s Fire
Jasmine’s secrets have been laid bare, her magic stripped. All she has left is a fire in her soul to defeat the oncoming storm.
Shipwrecked on a forsaken island, Jasmine has nothing but her anger and determination to keep her warm at night. Without her magic, she must find a way to defeat a powerful enemy that can raze townships and summon sea monsters. When she discovers an ancient magic, she embraces it. But it may not be all it seems, and she could be exchanging one sword to the throat for another.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo, who love exciting tales with dark secrets and unexpected twists. Lose yourself today in Elle Cardy’s epic fantasy adventure.

e Cardy is the pen name of Lynda R Young. She is a writer, editor, game developer, 3D artist, graphic designer, photographer, gamer and so much more.

She has a number of speculative short stories published in print and online. She has gone independent with her debut young adult fantasy adventure, Wielder's Prize, now available on Amazon. She’s a relative newcomer to sunny Brisbane and lives with her sweetheart of a husband who is also her best friend.

Under the name Lynda R Young, she has a Christian non-fiction out called Cling to God: A Daily Devotional.

I hope you check out this Elle's website. It's beautiful! Congratulations to Elle.
Much success to Wielder's Storm Trilogy!


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