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IWSG~Do You Finish The Book or Put It Down?

Happy New Year!

Knowing that, for most people, Covid put a huge damper on any New Year's celebrations, I still have to ask - Did you do anything special, anyway? How did you ring in this new year?

Me - my hubby and I went out to dinner with friends and called it an early night, thankful that we could go out at all.
Moving forward, the IWSG (optional) monthly question is an intriguing one. I really had to think about this one.
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Question: Being a writer, when you're reading someone else's work, what stops you from finishing a book/throws you out of the story/frustrates you the most about other people's books?


To even ponder an answer to this question, I literally had to search through my bookshelves to jog memories of books that made me pause at inopportune times or that I couldn't finish. In all honestly, for the most part, I usually finish every book I start.

  1. I feel like I owe it to the author to forge through to the end. Being a writer, I understand the accomplishment of writing an entire novel - *like most of you.
  2. I owe it to the story to see where it journeys, to follow the twists and turns of the character arcs.

As far as frustration while reading a book, I guess I might have a bit of apprehension for those books that jump around the story a little too much. What's too much? most else in reading and writing, that is subjective. For me, it's when I flip to the next page and can't remember the character, problem, or (short-term) goal of the story thread. So when I have to flip back a few chapters to refresh my memory. 

On the other hand, that might not be the writer's fault. I am getting older, you know... :) 

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Offering up a warm 'thank you' to all this month's co-hosts Ronel Janse van Vuuren , J Lenni Dorner, Gwen Gardner Sandra Cox, and Louise - Fundy Blue!

What about you? Anything about a book make you put it down or quit reading it?



  1. Never thought about having to jump back to remember, but I've had to do that.
    We had the usual quiet New Year's Eve.

  2. We had a Zoom party with friends from our theater group that we normally see on New Year's Eve. It actually went from 7:00 pm to midnight and was fun and most importantly, safe.

    That's great that you can read a book to the end you don't love. I used to be able to but haven't been able to since my husband died. But I am really loving reading again and read all the time.

  3. I usually finish every book I start, too, even when I'm not enjoying it. Although I can honestly only think of a few books off the top of my head that were a chore to finish.

  4. We did what we always do for New Years - put a puzzle together, watch a show, and drink champagne.

    If you factor in all of the partial and full submissions I have read through DLP, then I have not finished A LOT of stories.

  5. We didn't do anything for New Year's - but that's not unusual!
    I used to finish all the books I started, but sometimes I just don't have the energy required to get through a particular story. Usually based on dark content that surprises me

  6. Yeah, turning the page back and forth trying to figure things out is NOT a good sign!

  7. I have that memory problem too ;) But really, having to go back can't be a good thing. Happy New Year!

  8. We had our usual quiet New Year's Eve. But how nice that you got to go out with friends! Restaurants are still closed here, so we'll be doing take out for my son's upcoming bday.
    That's amazing that you finish every book you read. I don't usually continue if I'm totally lost too.

  9. You are so.kind to annoying books - compared to me, who is very judgemental. New Year's Eve was a quiet one at home with a nice dinner, champagne and many phone calls.

  10. Hi Sheri - been careful but had a family Christmas. I definitely don't finish every book ... but if I get near the end of one I'm enjoying ... I really hate weak ones where the story fizzles out - and it puts me off the author. All the best for 2021 - take care - Hilary

  11. I use to always read to the end (for the same reasons), but that's changed. Especially lately, I've been turning down more and more books because those first pages don't hold me...but that also could be because I'm overwhelmed with reviews requests and feel bad to miss a 'good' book because I dawdled on one I didn't like as much. Or I'm getting older and more impatient. Happy New Year!

  12. Good on you for forging through to the end.
    Agreed on jumping around and something I have to keep a close eye on in my current WIP. Sigh.
    Wishing you a joyous New Year. May your muse be singing on your shoulder.

  13. I'd like to have you as a reader! Your generous willingness to persevere out of honoring the writer's efforts is admirable. As I'm older too, I'm a little less willing to stick with it to the end, especially if the book founders on any of several levels. Your approach bodes well for 2021. Thanks for the inspiration and may you write on!

  14. We had a quiet New Year with just the family, but that wasn't different for us. The big change for us is back to home schooling now a new variant has hit the UK. You sound like a very patient reader. I always appreciate the effort the author puts in, but part of their job is to entice the reader and if that hasn't happened for me, I'll move on.


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