Friday, January 7, 2022

IWSG ~ Regrets

Dun-Dun-DA! Happy New Year!
Here we are at a brand new year with the first Insecure Writers Support Group's monthly question. Let me dive right in.

This month's (optional) question:
What's the one thing about your writing career you regret the most? Were you able to overcome it?

What do I regret the most about my writing career? Hmm . . . this is really a hard one for me. You're actually catching me during a valley in my writing - a time where I've been questioning my writing, why I write, but more over what I write. I'll always write for children, but I might be moving from spooky tales to more faith-based story journeys that focus on trying to apply goodness to this crazy world we're currently living in.

But regret . . . if I have to give an answer, I'd probably say that I would have listened to my gut and believed in my work sooner than I did. That lack of 'faith' and 'trust' in my abilities sent me running around in circles for some time. It took me until after both my books were published to see that. Maybe this has something to do with the valley of self-bookish reflection I'm currently occupying. 


 A huge thank you goes out to our January co-hosts:  Erika Beebe, Olga Godim, Sandra Cox, Sarah Foster, and Chemist Ken! Want to participate in the IWSG? Click on the link to the right. 

So, writer friends, what's your major regret? Non-writing readers, any regrets in your state of life?




  1. The trust your gut and write more faith based stories. Lord knows the world needs those right now.

  2. We are most critical of ourselves. Something we have to overcome. Then again, the opposite - overconfidence - can be blinding and lead us to throwing out junk thinking it's great. That's even worse.

  3. Hi Sheri - I think most authors would have liked to have started earlier ... yet many authors can take years before fame arrives. Perseverance - I guess ... cheers and all the best for 2022 - Hilary


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